girls-night-out-style-pink-fab-magazineNo, we’re not talking Barbie girl or in-your-face bubble gum pink but a classier sort of pink – think more along the lines of cooler, subtle, powder pink tones. It’s totally in this season – promise.

Pastel shades, especially blush pink, prove a huge trend this season. Admittedly, this colour is not always a favourite for everyone (especially for all of you out there relishing the last dregs from Autumn/Winter of the ‘90s grunge comeback) but it does pair amazingly well with so many other colours! Take for instance, blues, lemon yellow, greys, blacks and creams as a starting point of colours that go perfectly with blush pink! If you’re not bold enough to wear a pastel pink jacket, try opting for a pastel pink purse, blouse, or pump, it’s that simple!

Victoria-Beckham-pink-dress-fab-magazineSo for that girls night out of yours, don’t stress yourself out with what to wear; just think pink. Try something subtle and not too cutesy, like Victoria Beckham here. A simple pink shift dress, paired with flat ballet pumps or nude heels and a bag, and you have a super trendy and classy look.

For those feeling a bit more risqué, why not go all out and grab yourself a hot pink jacket, pants or cardigan. It’s a bit more out there but would look gorgeous with a pair of jeans, some print (floral/animal/graphic) here or there and a touch of jewellery – make it your own. Add some edge to your pinks by layering, keeping it simple and chic or (if you’re brave enough) even layering pinks on pinks. Try something like a light powder pink dress underneath a darker pink jacket. With the right combination and the right pinks you can’t really go wrong with pink on pink.

So no excuses, girls! Pink is in – work it into your wardrobe, you’d be surprised at how easy it is really.

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