Bongi is a 20 year old Zimbabwean born Biomedical Science student who describes herself as “An individual buzzing with energy and full of life which is reflected in the way that I dress, my approach to fashion is from a dramatic point of view, I view each outfit as a chance to embody a new character in a creative way, using the streets as my catwalk to showcase my creativity. If I were to describe myself if one word; it would be DYNAMIC!!! And my biggest inspiration/motivation in life would have to be the love of God…for me, nothing beats that”.

How would you describe your style?

My style has no clear origins or definition; I would describe it as eclectic as I draw from many sources. My most favourite things to wear would have to be waistcoats, bow ties/ties, tapered trousers and hats, basically, anything which adds drama and a layering effect. I am also known for my interesting jewellery i.e. insect/animal jewellery and over-the top hairstyles.
At the moment, I like the ethnic (Ankara/ African) trend and will soon be sporting a few looks after I visit my tailor. I tend to buy most of my clothing in sales or at a discount price and find no shame into popping into a charity shop to do so either.


Who is your favourite designer?
In terms of designers, I simply can’t pin-point a particular one as being my favourite, part of being eclectic means I can appreciate different aspects from different designers; I will, however name a few which come to mind; I admire Alexander  McQueen,  Chanel traditional monochrome collections (..because I love monochrome, even if people excuse me for a waitress), Jeffery Campbell shoes and also; new designers such as Chenai whose collections I absolutely love plus many, many more!! I also admire my sister’s work as she is studying a knitwear design related course and makes me lovely pieces from time to time.

What makes you F.A.B?
I am F.A.B because I am Fashion-forward, Aunthentic & Bold
In a nutshell, I am proud of where I’m from and who I am and have found comfort in being myself which I think is F.A.B ! …

“We can all be FABulous if we find comfort in who we are”

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