Nearly every fashion or Women’s magazine you open has Lupita in it. Lupita Nyong’o is an actress, film and music director of dual Kenyan and Mexican citizenship. She is proudly African.


Most African Descendants have been judged based on the color of their skin, L;upita also has suffered from low self esteem, colorism and racial discrimination in the past just because of the color of her skin. Lupita however did not allow that pull her down, for this Kenyan beauty, it has played a major role in her life. She has not let the color of her skin limit her dreams and the level of her success.





Lupita has been around for a few years but the world didn’t get to recognize her until she played supporting actress in the award winning ’12 years a slave’ . She has since bagged a couple of awards for her role in the movie.That movie gave her the exposure and she is being celebrated today all over the world. Almost every magazine now wants Lupita to grace their front covers. Lupita is such an inspiring beauty, from cocktail dresses to casual outfits and even red carpets, Lupita is truly beautiful and a style Icon.


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