FAB Street Style: Eshun Oluwadamilola’s Outfit Of The Day!

FAB-Street-Style-Fashion-FAB-Magazine (5) Name: Eshun Oluwadamilola

Occupation: Writer

Location: Ikeja, GRA. Lagos.

What are you wearing: A black sleeveless shirt, denim jacket, grey jeggings and a pair of blue sandals

What inspired your outfit for the day: The weather was quite cold this morning so I just picked out something very conservative

What won’t you be caught dead in: Fishy net panty hose and hipsters

Describe your style: Extremely simple. I do not follow trends because my comfort is key

What was the last thing you bought: A top polka-dotted blouse from Foschini

FAB-Street-Style-Fashion-FAB-Magazine (10) Beauty product for the day: I have no make up on today

What is the most prominent colour in your wardrobe: I actually love two colours and they are black and white. Both colours appeal to me.

FAB-Street-Style-Fashion-FAB-Magazine (6) FAB-Street-Style-Fashion-FAB-Magazine (3)

**To be a part of the FAB Street Style every Thursday you can get caught by our street cam or email your 2 or 3 pictures of your outfit of the day (one outfit, strictly outdoors) to [email protected] as well as answers to the questions above.


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  1. vicky says:

    Hmmn Miss Eshun on the street

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