Established in 2009 by a-then- 23 year old Lesly Mutekedza , IC Digital Limited is an exemplary technology based company that offers a host of services that ranges from, web design, graphic design and mobile phone applications to name but a few. With an impressive portfolio, (that includes our own FABulous website!). An example of a young unrelenting go-getter and self-starter, Mutekedza has made a name for himself as a vibrant and dynamic website designer whose world-class style stands out particularly in a saturated industry. So we at FAB sat down with Lesly, to find out more about the man behind the brain ,how he has achieved so much in so little a time, and what exactly it is about his brand that makes them so FAB, and stand out amongst a crowd.

FAB: One needs only to look at your portfolio to see the passion you put into your work; it breeds excellence. How did your love for technology come to light, and was it in your educational background?

Well, I didn’t go to University, and I didn’t go to college; I just had your standard Zimbabwe education. However I’ve always liked technology, I liked playing around with computers, and I liked learning about computers.

So you were self-educated?
Yes, I was self-educated; I got the books, and education I needed to learn more about technogy myself.

FAB: Inspiring! Teaching yourself seems quite a challenge; how difficult was it?
Well it wasn’t easy, it was very difficult, but because it was my passion it meant that I didn’t give up, I kept on doing it because I loved it.

FAB: So when and how did you decide to start up your own company and make a career out of your passion- was it difficult?

I’ve been web-designing since 2006, but I started IC Digital in 2009. In as much as I liked developing technology, starting a business was different, and that was something I learned. Business is not just about technology; I had to learn about managing accounts, English law, rules and regulations…it started off as a hobby but when you want to turn it into a business you have to learn a lot more.

FAB: Wow, so as well as a web-design expert, you had to essentially become a lawyer and business expert too?


FAB: Intense and very admirable! So what do you believe that IC Digital brings to such a saturated industry?

I don’t think it’s a case of bringing something new. The internet itself is still something new- no-one knows where its going; for example , new Iphones are constantly being introduced. The technology industry is supposed to develop the way things work; sometimes its for the better, sometimes it’s for the worst. So nothing missing, it’s still a new thing and no one knows where it is going. It’s just a case of coming up with no ideas and selling it to the world.

FAB: In light of this, what does IC Digital aim to do for it’s customers?

We work with everyone, but it is true our portfolio mainly contains African businesses. This shows what we can actually do with technology- we are bringing it to the world. We are giving a platform for businesses. For example, you may make clothes in Africa, but with a well designed website, you will be able to attract and sell them to people in China, to Africans living there, or even people who simply have an interest in African clothing. They’ve seem your dress on the website, and they’ve seen what you can offer. We are essentially bringing businesses international and presenting them on a global stage.

FAB:So you’re essentially helping to build a global community. How important is that to IC Digital?

It is the backbone of IC digital. Communication is the key to success, so that’s what IC digital is trying to do. For example Skype is an invention that enables people to talk to their mum in Africa, for example. We’re using it now! It can change the way we think and the way we communicate in general, and what’s what we’re also trying to do.

FAB: Lastly, what makes IC Digital FAB, and stand apart from other web designing companies?

We are innovative, creative and think outside the box. Every company wants to stand out and have a wow factor, and we can do that for them with our websites!

So self-made, self-educated, a hefty resumé (that includes IROCK as well as FAB) an array of successful websites under the three year old belt of his company, and he’s only 26 ? Lesly already proves he’s somebody to be reckoned with, and this is only the beginning. With an inspiring ethic, drive, dedication and passion, the future is undoubtedly bright for the inspiring Lesly Mutekedza, and we’re glad to be part of the journey!

(Oh and ladies, between us, this eligible bachelor made a point of making sure I add that he is single…so if you are impressed by brains, drive, ambition, passion and you have a website to design.. you know who to hit up ;) )

Take a peek at some of his work below;


Evolve PR

His own website is, and you can email him at [email protected]

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