All men should own a least one suit in their wardrobe. But finding that right suit, one that is tailored to perfection is another story. It all ties down to being cut right to fall on the body properly; basically it should fit like a glove.










Vestito Bene by Alexander Adegbenro is a men’s wear brand that specialises in suits and when I say specialises that is exactly what it does. Vestito Bene began is 2007 and has been a thriving success ever since.  For the latest collection expect to see a lot of colour, challenging people to step out of their usual comfort zone.

We at FAB sat down with Alexander Adegbenro for a quick Q&A:


1. Describe the Vestito Bene brand to us?

Vestito Bene is a men’s brand. Helping to enhance the character of a gentleman, physically. It is also a brand that creates readymade and custom made wear.


2. When did Vestito Bene begin?

Vestito Bene began in 2007. At the time I was my only client. Which means I only made suits for myself and nobody else.


3. What does the ‘Vestito Bene’ mean and how did you come up with this name?

Vestito Bene is Italian for Well Dressed and it was how everyone described me. An Italian friend started calling me Mr. Vestito Bene and that’s how the name came about.


4. When/how did you become involved in fashion?

Not to sound cliche, but I’d say as far back as I can remember walking. Thanks to my father who claims I’m still an amateur compared to him. From designing my own clothes there became a demand for the Vestito Bene brand. I turned my style into fashion.


5. Describe your style in 5 words?

Free, Effortless, Spiffy, Fashion Worthy.


6. How long does it take you to create one piece, from initial idea to finished piece?

On an average I’ll say three – four weeks. This is usually because of urgency, the rush to get an outfit to a client within a desired time frame. I’ve had clients who require their outfits to be made within two weeks. At that time they let their money do the talking.


7. What inspires you?

My environment and the urge to stand out.


8. Describe your latest collection?

My latest collection is for the fall which we are keeping for shows in September. I decided to create a colourful fall. So we’ll be seeing a lot of colours, challenging people to step out of their comfort zone.


9. How did you come up with this concept?

Simply realising that more men could do with brightening up their lives without feeling less of a man.


10. What has been your biggest achievement so far?

Fashion wise, that’d be designing Aida Rodriguez, a Hollywood comedian. As well as for Kevin Shine for the Grammy’s. This created more opportunities. Been in talks with a few industry folks in Nigeria and America ever since.


11. What makes you so FAB(Fabulous, African & Black)?

Stylishly driven. A great number of Africans are driven.


 12. What is the future for Vestito Bene?

Won’t this be giving too much away? Well, let’s say continuity in difference & pushing boundaries. Might just cater to the women too.



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