There’s something about mystery that keeps us thirsting and longing for the the next revelation. Be it a movie trailer, a strip tease or even an appetizer before a 3 course meal; the art of concealing the bigger picture to court attention and heighten anticipation has been with us since the beginning of time. Master it and you have everyone on your leash, mix your enigma with a unique talent and you might just be a god.

A certain someone by the name of Abel Tesfaye a.k.a “The Weeknd”  is a perfect example of one that used mystery to gain a cult following. Want to know know more? Watch this space tomorrow. (Hehe! just kidding, now you know what I mean)

The Weeknd is a 21 year old (nobody is really sure of his age) Canadian artiste of Ethiopian descent. The first ever presence of Weeknd on the internet was in 2010 but no one knew the identity of the singer at the time. He dropped his first free mixtape online titled “House of Balloons” in March 2011 which is the first of a trilogy and later “Thursday” and “Echoes of Silence” in August and December of the same year and since then, the world hasn’t been safe to thread.


To say that Weeknd’s music is different would be an understatment, his voice is like an instrument on its own. He is definitely not your typical R&B artiste (if that’s what we can call his style of music). His style is an extremely emotional, slow and maybe even dangerous, melancholic mood music. For a 21 year old, the young man needs to slow down if I might say so myself. You will know what I speak of when you hear the content of his music. Sex, love and drugs is a mild way to put it.







When I first heard his song “High for this”, I thought “Bleh, this guy is copying The Dream jor”. Ol boy, was I dead wrong, Tesfaye’s music would take you to another realm and leave you longing for more. If you ever wanted to set the mood right (set P), this is your man. She doesn’t even have to hear the words, trust me dawg, the melody is a mood setter on its own. Caveat: This is definitely nocturnal music and not something you’ll want to play at your next picnic.


All the while The Weekend was dropping his mix tapes, nobody knew who he was because he wasn’t granting any interviews, his Facebook and Tumblr pages had only some random pictures and none really showing his face, meanwhile his song “Wicked Games” had over 4 million views on YouTube . By the time he would have his first show, he had whipped up a frenzy in Canada. Announced just 10 days in advance, the concert was sold out in 90 minutes.



If by chance you haven’t heard Drake’s Take Care album, you might have heard one of the songs on it called “Crew Love” where The Weekend wails repeatedly “Oh, cuz they loving the crew, they loving the crew, they loving the crew” and on and on he goes, in fact that’s all he sang on the chorus, but you wish he wouldn’t stop.


The Weeknd is still not signed to any record label but is strongly affiliated with Drake’s OVO imprint. You can expect a full length album from him in 2012, but before that he intends to launch a re-mastered version of his mix tape trilogy with bonus content.


Sitting right next to Drake and Rick Ross is The Weeknd’s music on my playlist. My only concern is the fact that he sings about drugs a lot, if he is actually living his music, its not unlikely that he would join the likes of Amy Winehouse at the 27 club. Even his tumblr page welcomes you with the phrase “XO till we overdose”  O_O

To download his 3 mixtapes, visit his official website

For videos of his stage performances, visit his tumblr page


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