Pure Insanity was created in 2010 by Lika Brutyan. The brand is a unique blend of high-end luxury purses and tote bags. Each piece is made from a combination of luxury leather with hand-knit seams and custom photographs. The brand represents the love of photography and the desire to carry something special around with you each and every day.





 We sat down with Lika Brutyan for a quick Q&A:

FAB: Describe the Pure Insaity brand to us?

Pure Insanity: Pure Insanity was established in 2010 as a unique, high-end, luxury line of purses and totes made of high quality genuine leather, with hand knit seams, and custom photographs on most of the bags. The vision of Pure Insanity comes from the love of photography, and the desire to carry something special, something that expresses personality, and something that is a signature of the creative spirit


FAB: What does Pure Insanity mean and how did you come up with this?

Pure Insanity: Pure Insanity is an idea and the name came by itself; I’m a photographer and have been in professional photography for a few years. I thought about implementing my prints on leather for a while, and one day, decided to make a purse for my old camera; making it from leather for my Rolleiflex. It looked cool to me and I realized that people paid attention to the bag. Then, I decided to make another one and another one; I couldn’t stop! It was really crazy to start designing and making purses with my full-time job, family, children, and lack of time. It was really “purely insane.” So then, the name just came.


FAB: When/how did you become involved in fashion?

Pure Insanity: I being a photographer, I’ve worked with modelling agencies and fashion magazines, but never was really obsessed with fashion (the style – yes, but with trends – no).


FAB: Describe your style in 5 words?

Pure Insanity: Unique, Fresh, Artsy, Luxury, Provocative.




FAB: What inspires you?

Pure Insanity: Beauty, music, people, rainy weather, literature; you know, I can actually continue forever. Every single little detail can inspire me.


FAB: Do you design and sew your collections?

Pure Insanity: Yes, I design my own collection and have a team who helps me so as well.


FAB: Describe yout latest collection?

Pure Insanity: My latest collection contains over-sized clutches, with raw edges.


FAB: How did you comw up with this concept?

Pure Insanity: As stated before, the concept to use photo prints on leather had already been in my mind for a while, but when I started to design and make purses, the leather started to “dictate” the design; I still try to use the raw edges of leather for my purses and bags.




FAB: Where is your collection stocked?

Pure Insanity: My bags are sold at Si Beau, Danielli and Lorenzo boutiques (L.A.). The easiest way to buy my product is to order via www.mypureinsanity.com.


FAB: What makes you FAB?

Pure Insanity: I think what makes me FAB is my own way to combine art and fashion. A Unique way to carry a piece of art everywhere.


FAB: What is the future for Pure Insanity?

Pure Insanity: Keep creating.

For more info on Pure Insanity check out their website at www.mypureinsanity.com

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