At 24yrs old, Maxwell John Oleru born in Lagos Nigeria, but raised in Benue state is an up and coming rap artist, who has without a doubt fallen in love with the essence of it.  Max, as he prefers to be called is a student of Medical Laboratory Science at Madonna University, Elele (Rivers State).


In a recent interview conducted by me, this young and sexy rapper openly talks about life as an unsigned rapper, his relationship, how he plans to change the world when he eventually blows and many more.


Check it out below!


How did you get into the business?

I started rapping in August 2010, when I was in my final year at the university. I’ve always loved to rap and would write lyrics on the last page of my note books, phone’s memo pad and on my younger brother’s school books. I knew I had it in me; I wanted to bring it out, so began by downloading instrumentals from the Internet and using them to create songs that where never recorded. My mum and Dad have no idea that I’m swimming towards rap right now. God help me. I have a friend who knows how to record songs using fruity loops on his laptop. He is presently my producer and we’ve made lots of songs, mix tapes and demos. God help us too.



Was becoming a rapper always your goal?

Becoming a rapper has always been my dream. Back in secondary school, I use to climb the stage and mime to songs by Eminem, Dr.Dre, Obie trice and 50cent. I started taking interest in how it had been composed, making the whole world go “whoa”. So, I started walking in their footsteps, trying to write to their instrumentals, which was obviously very difficult, but that didn’t make me want to give up. I kept on trying to do what I had set in my mind to accomplish. Now I’ve got songs that I can call my own.



What made you want to go into it?

God…I love the spirit behind rap music; I fell in love with hip-hop from the very first day I listened to it. I want to make music and have a name in the book of ‘history of rap’. I just visualised myself representing my country at musical awards. Right now, the rap scene in Nigeria is on fire, our boys are killing it right now. But, I’m very different; they just need to hear what I’ve got in stock.  



What are your inspirations?

The rappers before me are my inspirations, the way life in neighbourhoods are lived, the state of Nigeria ,my love life, the attitude of my friends, the weather, peace and conflict around the world. God is also my inspiration; I can never run out of flows. The drive is infinite and so is God, so I’m going to be here for as long as my hand can hold a pen, and my mouth can spit the words from my heart.



What is your taste in music?

I love all genres of music; it just depends on my mood at that particular moment of time. Though I love to rap, I also enjoy listening to rock, RnB, techno, classic music, country, jazz and afro music (juju).



Describe the style of your rapping in three words….

Magnificent and extraordinary.



Who do you aspire to be like? As successful as?




If you could compare yourself to an already established artist, who would that be and why?

M.I Abaga and that’s with all due respect. Why?…in as much as I respect how fast his brain nerves fire, I believe that if I’m given the same opportunity as he has right now, I will do really well. I am confident in me and the next person standing next to me (God). He’s the only person that I really look up to when I’m thinking of reaching the top.



How far do you think you will go in the industry?

I will definitely go all the way. No slacking, no dulling, I want to go so far. I don’t see any setbacks in me progressing because I’ve got crazy guidance and protection from the Most High. I want my name to be added to the music hall of fame and generations to come.



What kind of music do you listen to on a daily basis?

I have a normal dosage of rap music like 5-6 hours a day when I’m busy, but when I’m relaxed it goes up to 8-9hrs. Just before I go to bed, I listen to evanescence (rock) to cool off my mind. I also listen to RnB music when my mood is a little down from emotional stress or I’m missing a particular person.



Where do you see your generation heading to in the next decade?

I see my generation developing, better music being made, better movies made and also foresee that God will bless us and see that we reap the fruits of all our labours.



What is the most difficult thing about rapping?

For me, the most difficult thing about rapping is when one is not being real. I have to be me and let myself flow like water coming out of a tap.



Do you write your own lyrics?

Yes, I write my own lyrics all the time.



When writing, what do you mostly talk about?

I make a point and then refer it to me and how the issue is meant to be approached. I talk about myself a lot though and experiences.



What do you hope to do with your music?

I hope to touch lives, give people a brand new approach towards certain issues, and use it as a tool for bringing peace to the world. Basically just making people understand me in a new light. I also hope to bring others up with the same musical talent that I’ve got. I plan to give my country a very strong appearance in the international rap scene, so that when they talk about Biggie and 2pac, they will also remember to call ‘MAX’ from Nigeria.



Do your parents know that you plan to become a rapper?

No! No! No! I haven’t told mum and dad about my music career yet, although my brothers and friends know about it. I want to reach to a certain point before I can bring it to the table.



How do you combine university and rapping?

It’s pretty easy for me; my producer brings the beats and tells me to make a song with it. I have a gift of writing really fast because am a kind of a fast thinker and songwriter. When I don’t have lot of school work to do, I simply put my headphones on and listen to the instrumentals, and then write. Anytime I get stressed, weak or can’t think properly I just put down my pen and do something else.



Do you have a girlfriend?

Yes and she’s hot!



How do you think she’s going to cope with female admirers when you eventually blow into the limelight?

I know she’s going to cope; she’s got a very mature mind and knows fully well that I’m an entertainer. I’ll definitely have male and female fans, just as long as I don’t mess up or end up being scandalous she’s not going to kill me.



Where would you most like to perform?

In Lagos! The centre of excellence, and then with time at the VMA awards, MTV and the Grammys.



What do you plan to do when you make it big?  How do you plan to help change the world?

When I make it big I want to help those who are unable to feed themselves everyday, those dying from HIV and AIDs.  I will make sure that my messages about the way we live in this country are clear and understood properly. I’ll put Nigeria on the music map in a more vibrant way.



Tell us something little known about you. (I.e. embarrassing moments, favourite food, silly obsessions)

I’m obsessed with movie effects, so like camera angles, slow motion, bullet trails, side comments and the actions in a movie. Also it may sound weird, but I stutter when I talk and it gets worse when I’m tense. I love shawama and don’t like Kim Kardarshian. Embarrassing moment has to be when my friends disrespect me in front of my girl and when I have to present in front of seminars. I also support Chelsea, but don’t like Messi, although I call him the best ever.



What hidden talents do you have?

I play basketball and football.



What’s your favourite thing to do when you aren’t writing/producing/playing etc.?

I love watching movies, hanging out with my people and talking about real life issues.



Your favourite African dish is…..

Fufu or pounded yam with Egusi soup and goat meat.



Ten years from now you will be….

Me. won’t change much…but will definitely become richer, hotter and better as a rapper and ultimately the hottest rapper to have ever graced the Mic.




Listen to Max rapping, Just follow the link:


You can also follow Max on twitter on @rapscutest




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    This is ill,damn!!! heard his single online and he is really an artist to look out for,success in the industry

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    Menh!! This guy lyf is like ​a box of chocolate, he worked had 4 proud of Ʋ bro…reppin MAU..


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