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We at FAB would like to introduce you to, an amazing, new and budding watch brand called [email protected] timepieces, the watches are made to compliment your persona, and have a variety of names to match this such as ‘Miss Virgo’ and ‘Ms Girl Next Door’. Watches are a great accessory that tell a story, whether it’s ‘I’m on a casual day out’ or ‘I want to wow and dazzle you’; the brand does just that whilst portraying themselves to be ‘Confident, eccentric and assertive’. Moreover it is created by Nigerians, and we think it’s great that something of this quality can be produced by Nigerians and distributed to them, not only does it show a powerful business acumen, but also that if you put your mind to something, the skies the limit.

A quick Q&A to help you to get to know more about the brand and its creators:

FAB: Tell us about the brand?

Busola: [email protected] timepieces are watches that say how the wearer sees his/her self. It is a manifestation of their persona. The brand is confident, eccentric, and assertive. The men are lions and powerful in every right, and the women, strong and absolutely fascinating.

[email protected], stands for “That Akomolede Chic”, named after the Lead designer of the brand. We are two behind the brand me, Busola Akomolede the lead designer and my partner Bola Anibaba also an “A” chic. The watches are made in Switzerland by a certified FHS factory, using the Swiss movement and come with 2 years warranty.

FAB:Why go into watch design?

Bola: We have been obsessed with watches for years; it is one of the things that brought us together. We are fascinated by the movements, the designs, the quality, and the eccentricity of watch collecting. Watches are functional accessories, they serve a purpose while allowing the wearer to express themselves, and their styles.

FAB:How long have you been in the business?

Busola: Just about 6 months.

FAB:What challenges would you say you encounter in your line of work?

Busola: The biggest has been financials. We create high quality watches which come at a propionate cost, and a considerable amount of investment. Also, as the brand is still new, and a mystery to most, this makes it a harder sell as most people want known brands. Even with these challenges, we are determined to beat them and make the brand one to reckon with, in terms of the next few years.

We will soon commence a marketing campaign to start getting the brand out there and begin building the brand.

FAB:Would you say you have a favorite piece among your collection?

Bola: We love them all! There is something unique about every piece so it is hard to single one out. We also get rave reviews from those that have seen or purchased a piece. We will have some new designs coming soon, which we are quite excited about.

FAB: Are you just based in Nigeria or do you have branches internationally?

Busola: We are currently based in Nigeria, but have potential investors in SA who we are in talks with currently. Our planned path is to be in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt first, then expand to West Africa, South Africa, UK, and the rest of the world in that order.

FAB:Have you ever showcased your designs in other ways apart from the website?

Bola: Yes we have. We have participated in a few exhibitions; however, we realized they may not be the best tool for us. As said earlier, we will begin a full marketing campaign tailored to meet the relevant buyers of the brand, at the right touchpoint and time.

FAB:What is the next step for you now?

Busola: Next step is to continue getting the brand name and watches out there, while we update our collection with new designs.

FAB: What are your future plans for your brands?

Busola: From watches we will definitely go into fine jewelry. We might just set up a factory in Nigeria within 10 years; of course it depends on the improvement of our countries infrastructure.

FAB:Who is your favorite designer-locally or internationally?

Busola: I love Nack couture, their t-shirts are classic and zebra clothings are cute, and I love bags by o’eclait.

Bola: Gucci couture gowns are to die for. Locally I like House 38 pieces.

FAB:With your busy schedule, how do you relax?

Busola: We regularly go to the movies and out for drinks. We don’t want to be dull jacks. We also try to attend social events, because you never know who you will meet.

 Your favorite african dish:

Busola: poundy!!!! and egunsi!!!, beans and plaintain, too

Bola: Amala and Efo Riro.

What makes you FAB (Fabulous, African and Black) ?:

Busola: My passion, my patriotism, my hair(i have an Afro)

Bola: My resilience, discipline, and loyalty.



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