Created in September of last year and taking inspiration from the laid back streets of Spitalfields, DisPAIR London was born. The brand represents individuality and is aimed at those who are comfortable to lead their own way in fashion. Quirky, fun and forward thinking their debut range mixes fresh ideas with classic footwear styles. From casual pumps to sophisticated brogues, DisPAIR London caters to all.

“We believe a man should never be parted from his shoes”, DisPAIR London


We sat down with Dispair London for a quick Q&A:

FAB: Describe the Dispair London brand to us?
DISPAIR LONDON: DisPAIRLondon is influenced by the East End Vintage scene and likes to take classic styles and twist them into a modern fabrics and materials, with an attention to detail that set’s us apart.

FAB: What does Dispair London mean and how did you come up with this name?
DISPAIR LONDON: DisPAIR means to “split a pair” and we never wanted to be parted from our shoes, that’s why the logo emphasizes the word “Pair”  as we want to concentrate on the styling and details of our footwear to reflect the fashion and mood of the people of London.


FAB: When/how did you become involved in fashion?
DISPAIR LONDON: I started as a Saturday boy at Russell and Bromley Bond Street in 1982 when I was 15 where for some reason they offered me a full time job. I’d got no idea of what to do when leaving school but was fascinated with shoes so decided concentrate on a career within the industry.
FAB: Describe your style in 5 words?
DISPAIR LONDON: Dandy Sporty Classic Casual Colourful

FAB: What inspires you?
DISPAIR LONDON: Vintage stores, Sport, music especially the Punk, 2Tone and New Romantics eras. I know you are not meant to like them all but I don’t care!

FAB: Describe your latest collection?
DISPAIR LONDON: We have been influenced by the undercurrent of anger that the youth currently feel with high unemployment and low prospects which reminds us of Britain in the late 70’s and early 80’s! So we looked back at the Loafers that bands such as the Clash and the Specials wore, recreating the vintage high shine leathers and using them on modern loafers with lightweight EVA soles.

FAB: How did you come up with this concept?

DISPAIR LONDON: Watching the News everyday!


FAB: Where is your collection stocked?
DISPAIR LONDON: Topman Oxford Circus, Independent Menswear stores and Internet sites Viva La Diva, ASOS

FAB: What makes you so FAB?
DISPAIR LONDON: It is true I did like Thunderbirds as a boy, FAB Virgil!

FAB: What is the future for Dispair London?
DISPAIR LONDON: To develop the business with like minded retailers and progress the international business.

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