Ken McCalla holds a Fine Art Degree from the Central School of Art & Design, and in 1984 he spent several years with OBAALA (Organisation of Black Arts Advancement and Learning Activities – an arts organisation which launched the pioneering Black Art Gallery in London) gaining a more meaningful and relevant arts education.










He was influenced by some of the leading and innovative black artists who were involved in exhibiting ground breaking shows at the Black Art Gallery in the 1980s and his focus was creating art that directly related to community.




McCalla has produced art works in a wide range of mediums over the past 25 years, from theatre set designs to potato printing. In whatever tool he uses, his skill in visual communication has opened and excited the viewer in ideas based on energies uniting. Drawing on his rich cultural heritage, his art work explores his personal growth, questions relationships and celebrates harmony.




He is currently retraining and self teaching himself a context for his art but will be showing at the From Bronze to Gold Exhibition this month.



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