A few years ago, I met Arron Dunworth at the studio down at New Cross Gate which he co-runs with a friend and fellow photographer. He had either just finished a shoot or was about to start one. He let me have a look at his portfolio and I was very impressed by his work, so when it came to doing an interview, Arron was the first person I had in mind.


I introduce to you Arron Dunworth:










You began taking pictures of street dancers initially, what turned you to fashion photography?

Being able to capture the movement, shapes and symmetry within street dance gave me a big advantage as a photographer,
especially when I started so young (15). It helped to develop my skills as a fashion photographer, as movement plays a big part in fashion today, especially with the use of video. You have to know how to make models move, how the clothes on the models will look when they move and so on…
And would you describe yourself strictly as a fashion photographer or a portrait photographer working in fashion?

No, definitely not just a fashion photographer, no way! I wouldn’t even regard myself as just a ‘photographer’, I love working with people, thats why I started taking pictures, over time I have started to really adore fashion photography, especially with photographers like Steven Klein, Mert and Marcus and Nick Knight, who are all pushing the boundaries and even directing music videos now. Fashion is everywhere and it plays a big part in everyones life, regardless if they know it or not, it feeds my inspiration greatly.

I see from the images on your blog that you are in love with colour. Could you describe your style?

I am actually in a love/hate relationship with colour right now, we argue in photoshop quite a bit… I just spent the last hour trying to colour correct a single picture! Ridiculous I know, but it really does take a VERY talented photographer to work with colour and get it right. I have been using a lot more black and white photography in my work, as I am going through changes right now. I am growing older and more mature in my approach to life, so I think  that is also effecting my work subconsciously, how I ‘see’ people and life in general.


There is also a video on the blog of a shoot you did in Gambia, could you tell us a bit about it? Also, what has been your best shoot so far and how did it pan out?

Gambia was one of the best things I have done in my entire life, a priceless experience that I am very thankful to Afua Adom and Sola Oyebade for allowing me to go through, it changed my life! One day I would be photographing a fashion spread with beautiful models on the beach, with the most stunning backdrops in the world, the next day I would be having chit chat with the president of Gambia, his excellency Yahya AJJ Jammeh, he is a very strong man and takes a lot of pride in his country. I was treated like a king out there in my own right, being personally escourted around the Gambia with drivers and tour guides, staying in the best hotels, with amazing food, waking up to a family of monkeys outside my bed room, it was all very surreal.
My best shoot so far? Oh man, thats a really hard question to answer… In my opinion it has to be a recent fashion editorial I did with my friend Dudley O’Shaughnessy (NEXT model management), he is a special kind of human being, you can see it in his eyes. Styled by the one sensation that is Katie Mcdowall, it should be out soon for your veiwing pleasure.
Is there an area of photography you personally indulge in, apart from your work in fashion?

I absolutely love wildlife photography, its really alluring how photographers can capture animals so beautifully in their natural habitats, getting so close for the shots and capturing the movement, it must take a very patient photographer to work in those conditions, it is definitely something I want to do one day when God decides its the right time.



What’s a day like in your life?

Days vary at the moment, I go through patches, but overall since the New Year started I have been pretty busy! A normal day will consist of waking up, turning the computer straight on, checking my time lines for news, reading my emails, getting back to them all (I always reply to everything, EVERYTHING, no matter how small), maybe piecing together ideas for a new editorial and then off to shoot someone, something! Right now, I am also trying to improve my health and fitness, so 3-5 mile runs and gym visits are essential, as well as juggling a freelance career, having loved ones around you, staying fit. Its hard work.


Which photographers do you highly regard and which have caught your eye lately?


I am going to try and not pick any obvious ones! I do like Mariano Vivanco, that man is amazing. I have a great respect for Herb Ritts and Patrick Demarchelier. There is also Tarrice Love from New York who has inspired me for many years.


I see you’ve worked with a wide range of recognisable faces, from Rob Evans to Faith Evans. Is there anyone in particular you would like to photograph?

I would really like to photograph Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, she is a stunner, Lord…


Which photographs in your body of work are the most meaningful to you and what’s the story behind them?

I think my set of photographs with Rob Evans… watching his progress grow so fast from the first photograph I took with him and seeing where he is now, its quite aspiring really, me and him have had our personal issues, so the photographs mean a lot to me and I am sure they do for him also, actually I know so.
What advice do you have for up and coming photographers or those who are interested in your field of photography?

Value yourself, value your talent! But! Always stay humble, otherwise you will blind yourself from what is ‘real’.
And what’s next for Arron Dunworth?

I am actually looking for a slight change of direction in my career, looking more towards the future of video.

Date of Birth: 26.06.1988
Nationality: British
Education: Hon. Degree
First Job: Newspaper boy
Favourite Artists/ bands: Alicia Keys
Favourite film: Kill Bill
Studio bits and bobs: Softbox, always
Gadgets: Canon 7D
Last Holiday: New York last year
Holiday destination: Paris
Guilty pleasure: Lady Gaga





















You can have a look at Arron’s blog here: http://www.arrondunworth.blogspot.com/


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