Modus Vivendii has been a popular name around the Nigerian youth social scene for quite while. It’s a style blog, which follows three really stylish boys around the  streets of London, capturing their endeavors. What added to their success on tumbler was the fact that all the photos were taken by them allowing them to add their own spin on things. It has been done in their own unique way, giving an authentic point of view. Having recently gained their own identity but still under the tumblr family( it’s now no more I sat down to have a little chat with these up and coming internet stars.



What inspired the blog?
Ola: The inspiration of the blog was just solely from us wanting to show people how we live and the things we do, of course underlining fashion in it all. This is where the name “Modus Vivendi” came to play which is Latin for “Our Way of Living” which I believe is a saying in the language. We chose the medium of tumbler due to the huge amount of users that are on it constantly. The main thing we wanted to make different about our blog was the fact that all pictures have been taken by one of us in the team. This started from me using my iPhone to take pictures of our daily escapades and fashion purchases (laughs). This was all in February of this year and a month later in March on Jimmy’s birthday weekend we purchased a digital SLR each and then we became serious with our photography.
Describe your personal style?:
Jimmy: Well due to the fact that there are 3 of us, the styles are completely spread out on the fashion spectrum; although we do each pinch ideas off each other. Myself and Anthony are more vintage shoppers, being obsessed with finding some of the craziest and ancient vintage items of clothing and restoring them in to a modern way of dressing. Circa Chanel, and runway Dior are just a few of the items found by us. Ola perhaps would more prefer the much bigger brands which are statement pieces and are the fashion enthusiasts dream such as Maison Martin Margiela, Alexander McQueen etc. Items to notice would be his Acne Jacket and Balenciaga duffel bag; sights likely to be seen at Fashion Week shows by VIP attendee’s. I also tend to go down a more formal route which helps exude seriousness and maturity into looks. This has leaked to my counterparts (winks at Ola and Anthony) Ola and Anthony who always like to have days of excellence with blazers, pocket squares and short length trousers. Anthony is the ‘cool kid’ of the crew and his love for leathers and anything colourful from the 80’s and 90’s clothing is what sets his style apart. His wine originally ‘Girls Soccer team’ varsity jacket to his 98 Limited Jordan Infra-red’s put him above in the retro craze, but of course with this he can always switch it round to Lavenhams and Clarks.
Where you see your blog in the next 5years?
Jimmy: Hopefully in the next 5 years I see our blog Modus Vivendii being a brand name in the industry of upcoming, young fashion pioneers. It’s funny to think that the whole brand only started in February and the way things have gotten. The press, hype and spotlight we’ve had since starting has been great and opened so many doors for us to achieve what we are trying to. The love all over the world most notably New Zealand has been amazing, We’re grateful to all the people who follow and support the movement!

Your opinions on British fashion against Nigerian fashion.
Anthony: Ah our 2 favourite fashions in the world (laughs). British fashion is superb, timeless, effortless and so classic. The tweed, quilted jackets, wellie’s (Soon to be bought!) are just a few of the reasons British fashion is loved all over. Even the new age of fashion is great. I think Nigerian fashion is only just going to get better and better as more and more western fashion companies such as Burberry who are actually English are using West African prints in their latest collections. This is only proof about the interest and discovery of African fashion so it’s only going to get better.
Any new projects you  would like to share with us?
Jimmy: Well we have started personal styling for individuals which is not necessarily new but a result from the blog. I think we’ll keep the rest a big secret, but just to let you know from MV, we have recruited new members under us who are all extremely talented in the work they do in media and the fashion world. There will be a chance for you to meet them all very, very soon! Also expect a brand in the very near future which is currently being worked very hard on at the moment but Sssshh!
As a man, what male celebrity do you look up to for style?

Jimmy: It would definitely have to be Scott Disick. Formal, fashion wise he’s second to none!
Ola: No one in particular, I look to the people around me for inspiration especially my team.
Anthony: Definitely has to be Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy
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