Andrea Iyamah is a relatively young brand created by Dumebi Iyamah. The brand specialises in long elegant evening dresses, infused with pops of bold colours. The dresses definitely give off a youthful vibe.

And with proms and leaver’s balls around the corner, we thought we would give those fashion forward teens something to look out for.










Tell Us a little about your brand and how the idea for Andrea Iyamah came about?

Andrea Iyamah started as a fashion blog and further developed into a clothing line. Becoming a designer was something I saw myself doing right from my childhood. I was always very arty, you would usually find me sketching, dancing or painting. My creative nature encouraged me to establish Andrea Iyamah.


What was your earliest memory on wanting to be a designer? 

As a child I had so many Barbie dolls, it was always fun making clothes for my dolls and that’s pretty much how my love for clothes began.


How long have you been designing for ? 

I have been designing for a while, since I have known. Andrea Iyamah is a year old, but designing like I said earlier has been a thing from birth.


What exactly do you look out for to inspire your collection?

I do not search for inspiration. Inspiration finds me. I am inspired at the most random times and by the most random things. I am inspired by experiences of the past or by other designers. All my collections have to do with how I feel and the phase I’m going through in life at that moment.


Do you have an ideal woman in mind when your designing? 

When I sketch my designs I always have an image on an independent beautiful, strong and confident woman. I have the imagination of a female within the age 23-40. This does not mean I do not want any one younger in my designs; it’s just my imagination that thinks towards that age group.


Where do you see your brand in the next 5 years? 

I see my brand establishing a greater presence in the African Fashion Industry and internationally hopefully. The competition in the industry is growing everyday, and the market is populated with very creative designers, most of who I look up to.


Do you have any new exciting projects to share with us? 

I hope to go into the men’s wear soon, its great to see a man wear pieces with detail and color. It’s a part of the line I hope to establish soon, mainly because there has been high demand for Andrea Iyamah’s men’s wear and also new challenges are exciting.


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