The iPhone 4s went on sale last week Friday and has already sold 4 million units. The iPhone and all other Apple products are not just your everyday gadgets; they are actually trend-setters.

These days Apple has more of a cult following than just customers who are looking for a good product. The death of Steve Jobs further heightened the euphoria and craze about apple products. But in reality, nothing is perfect – thousands of complaints have been posted on online boards about the sleek phone. The four most prominent  problems are:


1. Battery Life

Users say that using Wi-Fi consistently and using the phone mainly for calls and Web browsing wears the battery out at roughly the same speed as the iPhone 4, while playing videos and music or using a 3G connection will drain it faster.


2. SIRI Doesn’t Work Well Outside the US

The iPhone 4s has a built in voice assistant called Siri. It even trended worldwide on Twitter a couple days ago.

A lot of its built-in features work anywhere, but location based actions don’t. So, using Siri for example to find Eko Hotel and Suites in Nigeria wouldn’t work.

Even queries asking for the time of day weren’t working in Canada, according to some reports.

The biggest problem with Siri is that it doesn’t understand heavy English accents.

It currently works with English, French and German (with more languages coming). But non-native English speakers have reported lots of trouble.

How do you expect someone from Calabar to use Siri?


3. Camera Problems

The 4s had heads turning when people found out it featured an 8-megapixel camera, which is a great improvement compared to the 5 megapixels on the iPhone 4, and 3 megapixels on the iPhone 3GS.

Reviews of the images the phone captures have been very positive, with users reporting a major difference in clarity.

But the “shutter speed” issues which users have complained about on previous iPhones are still prevalent.

In a forum discussion on Apple’s site, some reported that when they’d take a photo, the camera got stuck with the shutter closed or moved really slowly. Others said the camera wasn’t working at all, although it looks like they were largely able to fix that by turning the phone off and restarting.


4. Screen Appearance

Some buyers reported a yellowish tint or spots on the screen of their phones, making the resolution blurry.

This is an issue that previous iPhones had as well. While Apple has never officially explained it, presumably because it hasn’t impacted enough people, technicians have reportedly said it’s residue from the manufacturing process.

The tint tends to fade after a couple of days.


Asides these complaints, the iPhone 4s is a great product – I mean, 4 million people can’t be wrong. Thank you Steve Jobs.

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