The Rainbow nation has once again wowed the rest of Africa and indeed the world with a colourful opening ceremony full of verve and innovation.

An heavy downpour threatened to ruin the day’s proceeding, but as if conjured the rain subsided in time, so that the Vuvuzelas and its accompanying cacophony could help lightening up the party spirit of the South Africans.


President Jacob Zuma lighted a flame to signify the commencement of the distinctly African theme ceremony, alongside 87,000 other football fans from across Africa and the Diaspora, not also forgetting the millions who watched from the television tube  .


The 40-minute opening ceremony started with dancers knocking over structures resembling bricks walls on which the words “poverty”, painted in black, and “HIV/AIDS”, in red were inscribed.


Hundreds of energetic performers wore traditional African outfits with acrobats bouncing on trampolines — which then turned into the flags of the 16 countries competing at Africa’s top tournament.


Later a group of children carrying the flag of the Confederation of African Football, Africa’s football body and the organizers of the Cup of Nations emerged.

For an event that took the host less than a year to organize, it is one has that lived up to billings. South Africa got the hosting rights after Libya the original hosts got engulfed in a Civil War and political succession imbroglio, with the situation looking unfavorable the Confederation of African football had to turn to South Africa to serve as impromptu host.

More pictures from the event below.








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