It is no secret that Nigerian rapper Eva Alordiah is also a successful makeup artist with her beauty brand Makeup by Orsela, so it was no surprise seeing her share a more alternative and theatrical look on her Instagram today. What may have come as a surprise however was Yemi Alade reposting the image and triple daring Eva to recreate Angelina Jolie’s look in the box office hit Maleficent, giving the rapper one week to accomplish the challenge.


Eva showed off her amazing makeup skills with the circle patterns around her eyes, heavy eyeliner and some serious contouring.

This is of course not the first time Eva has used showed off her makeup skills. Only a few months ago she did her own makeup and face paint for this bold MyStreetz cover while back in 2012 when the rapper was sporting pink hair, she got to do her own makeup as our very own FAB cover girl.

eva-alordiah-my-streetz FAB-Magazine-Eva-Alordiah-Skepta-August-2012
Hence it is no surprise Yemi Alade reposted this image with a triple dare to Eva:

The box office hit Maleficent stars an already well contoured Angelina Jolie with dark and edgy makeup and as Eva herself is known for her edgy looks, we think the challenge will not be a major one for the rapper.


But just in case she needs a little bit help, in an interview last month, Jolie’s makeup artist Toni G, not only the creator of Angelina Jolie’s dramatic facial contours in Disney’s Maleficent, but also the artist behind the MAC Maleficent collection. revealed her techniques for sculpting cheekbones.

While Jolie’s cheekbones “actually kind of just define themselves,” she told The New York Times T Magazine blog she also had a number of tips for those who may not be so naturally gifted when it comes to cheeks that can grate cheese.

“If you took a pencil from your nose to your upper cheekbone, you would just take that ‘V’ from the corner of your eye to the nose and highlight that whole area under your eye,” instructs Toni G, who prefers to do more with highlighting than with contouring.


As for the contouring? “You feel where your cheekbone is, and you kind of go right under that – and don’t take it too far to your mouth,” explains Toni G, “I would keep it, you know, just halfway from your ear to the midpart of your cheekbone. Just don’t take it too far down; then it becomes obvious.”

And finally when it comes to blending the highlighting and the contouring, Toni G says, “If you’re using a cream, you blend it out with your sponge until there’s no hard lines — and then same with the powder, except you would use a brush. From where you put it, blend it up.”

If you still need some extra help, here is a video tutorial to achieve Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent look. Not that she needs any, but we reckon we have given Eva plenty of help here, but do you reckon she will take up Yemi Alade’s chellenge?

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