Our man crush for this week is none other than Gideon Okeke, the next-door bad boy our parents warned us about but we cannot resist. If you watch the popular African soap Tinsel then you know exactly who Gideon Okeke is.

Gideon Okeke, who was also a contestant in Big Brother Africa’s Nigeria version in 2006, has become a much loved personality in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Red carpet outfits come easy to Gideon Okeke as he always, always looks dapper on the red carpet.

The fact that Gideon Okeke is our crush for today should come as no surprise, but if you need convincing we have put together 6 reasons why we personally love Gideon Okeke.

1. He looks good shirtless
Gideon-Okeke (1)

Yes; this had to be our number 1 reason. Gideon Okeke is one man who is not shy to take off his shirt and bless his Instagram followers with a shirtless picture just when they need it. His body is divine!

2. Style King

Gideon Okeke is one man who consistently gets it right on the red carpet of any event. He always looks nice no matter what he is wearing – whether it is for a formal event or a casual one.

3. Role In Tinsel

In Tinsel Gideon Okeke plays the role of Fred Ade-Williams’ son and he is a bit rebellious, a bit of a bad boy, and a bit of all the bad things we have been warned about – and every girl loves a bad boy!

4. He Loves Dogs
Gideon-Okeke (1)

We are suckers for animal lovers and Gideon Okeke just happens to be a dog lover.

5. His 1000 Megawatt Smile

Gideon Okeke is always quick to throw a dashing smile out to the ladies and we love him for it. He smiles at you and the room gets brighter, no lies.

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