Kanye West is our #MCM for today and if you have to question our choice then it means you just don’t know Kanye West like we do.

American rapper and new father Kanye West remains one of the hip-hop heads who actually know how to look good and how to make other people around them look good. For a while the rumour was that he dictated what his fiancée and baby mama Kim Kardashian wore, regardless they both always looked good together. But Kanye is his own man and he has been a noticeably good dresser since his days of singles like “Gold Digger” and “Workout Plan”.

Still need proof of him being our #MCM? Check out our 4 reasons!

He Knows How To Keep It Simple

#MCM-Man-Crush-Monday-Kanye-West-FAB-Magazine (4)

He Knows How To Layer Up

#MCM-Man-Crush-Monday-Kanye-West-FAB-Magazine (1)

He Knows How To Keep It Dark

#MCM-Man-Crush-Monday-Kanye-West-FAB-Magazine (2)

He Knows How To Keep It Dapper

#MCM-Man-Crush-Monday-Kanye-West-FAB-Magazine (3)

Who was your #MCM for today?

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