As the end of the year draws closer, we are likely to see a top ten to top 100 list of anything and everything that has had an impact on our lives – or at least – the water cooler talks throughout 2012.

Today Twitter has released a video titled ‘2012 Year on Twitter’ reliving the year’s most interesting happenings as visualized on

From the Pope to Pelé to PSY, Twitter welcomed new voices from every corner of the planet. Moments of serendipity and just plain awesomeness came to life in 2012 on Twitter.

The year’s golden tweets come from two Americans; first President Barack Obama whose tweet ‘Four more years’ following his reelection which was tweeted 810,000+ times with Justin Bieber’s RIP tweet for six-year-old Avalanna Routh, a Bieber fan who passed away due to brain cancer in September retweeted 220,000+ times.

Some of the major events that brought the world together on Twitter  in 2012 included US election, Summer Olympics, Superstorm Sandy and Whitney Houston’s death amongst many others.

When it comes to top trends, Rick Ross, hip hop and Trey Songz dominated music tweets while Syria, China and Japan were hot topics of conversation when it came to countries.

You can find out more about 2012 on Twitter on


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