The funkier side of hip hop, not many people would think of funk that way- or at least I didn’t anyway. The Intelligent Movement festival ended a four-day celebration of hip hop culture with a celebration of all things funk.

People of all ages, dancers and non-dancers alike spent the day popping, locking and grooving to the sounds of old school funk. Dance workshops were led by the 2010 locking champion Rowdy, popping expert Skytilz and Jazzcotech founder Perry Louis.


“Hip hop is not about bad things, it’s about good things,” said Rowdy. And this was definitely the vibe throughout the day even people who were born after the funk era could still appreciate smooth sounds and funky grooves, there were smiles all round.

Getting down with Rowdy

Jazzcotech wowing the crowd

People were taught the basics of each dance style and given  brief history about the social dances. But one thing is definitely clear funk is all about having fun and expressing yourself through movement. The people that joined in the workshops looked like they were having the time of their life and onlookers looked like they wanted to join in the fun.

Today has definitely shown that funk is well and truly alive. Go get your groove on!

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