zeynep-kartal-4On day 2 of London Fashion Week Turkish designer Zeynep Kartal showcased a collection which hearkened to old school glam and glitter and the age of Hollywood divas – think Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly, Lois Wilson and co who rocked the red carpet in the golden age of Hollywood. All was present in Kartal’s collection exuding opulence.

The dark “Barbary” sandstone exterior of the Manchester Town Hall designed by architect Alfred Waterhouse juxtaposed against the delicate tiling of the grand entrance and an emerald ceiling featuring intricate gold leaf detail is the inspiration for the colour palette of metallic gold, pewter, ivory with the darker teal, burgundy and noir.

Intricate lace and hand embroidery, luxurious silk, crepe georgette, mesh detail, metallic applique and rich velvet combined with a range of feminine looks from liquid shimmering gowns to nipped in waists, plunge necklines to one shouldered pieces create a lush, opulent silhouette.

The makeup which incorporates dewy skin, nude eyes and vibrant red and deep burgundy lips compliment the Rita Hayworth inspired femme fatale look.

Available in luxury stores globally and by private order, this marks the Zeynep Kartal label’s London Fashion Week debut.

zeynep-kartal-3 zeynep-kartal-5  zeynep-kartal-7 zeynep-kartal-13 zeynep-kartal-12 zeynep-kartal-11 zeynep-kartal-10 zeynep-kartal-9 zeynep-kartal-15 zeynep-kartal-16 zeynep-kartal-17 zeynep-kartal-18 zeynep-kartal-19 zeynep-kartal-20 zeynep-kartal-21 zeynep-kartal-22 zeynep-kartal-23 zeynep-kartal-25Find out more here.

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