Spice TV Fiesta-4319Launched in 2015, TZAR is one of the most exciting new menswear labels out of Nigeria and they showed just why at last week’s Spice TV Runway Fiesta. Inspired by his love of nature and art as well as sportswear, the designer Tzar Ian Audifferen showcased a dynamic collection of matchy matchy tops and fitted shorts, monochrome stripes and arty prints and patterns as Zamir entertained the audience. The winning look? Had to be the mesh dress shirts of the final walk.

Images: SubySinem / S Two Media

Spice TV Fiesta-4300 Spice TV Fiesta-4301 Spice TV Fiesta-4318 Spice TV Fiesta-4323 Spice TV Fiesta-4327 Spice TV Fiesta-4331 Spice TV Fiesta-4335 Spice TV Fiesta-4341 Spice TV Fiesta-4346a


Spice TV Fiesta-4349 Spice TV Fiesta-4353 Spice TV Fiesta-4358 Spice TV Fiesta-4359 Spice TV Fiesta-4364 Spice TV Fiesta-4365 Spice TV Fiesta-4369 Spice TV Fiesta-4375 Spice TV Fiesta-4383 Spice TV Fiesta-4393 Spice TV Fiesta-4396 Spice TV Fiesta-4413

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