For its Autumn/Winter 1014-15 collection, Pinghe moved away from the more subdued monochrome palette of the previous collection into a bolder, more irreverent territory. Textures and colours were bold and vibrant, creation a visual feast for all the senses. Rich in deep red, with the occasional bright white, and shimmering gold and gunmetal, the collection burst into a chic kaleidoscope of colours.

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Texture were just as rich – soft furs, thick wools clashed with neoprene and patent. Structures varied from textured shaggy jumpers to oversized outerwear paired with fluted pencil and skater skirts.

The accessories displayed the same playful elegance with gold high tops giving a nod to the 90s revival paired with whip thin black leather belts with gold PINGHE lettering emblazoned on the front and for the first time – with the brand’s foray into bags, luxury backpacks in plain and studded leather, super-shaggy fur and gold python.

Having already worked for Alexander McQueen and with her first collection already selling alongside her contemporaries Victoria Beckham, Celine and McQueen at the exclusive department store Harvey Nichols, Pinghe continues to dazzle.

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