Spice TV Fiesta-4205Nigerian label Moofa dazzled us at Africa Fashion Week London 2013 with her sleek and sophisticated womenswear so it was no surprise to see the label showcase equally glam designs at last week’s Spice TV Runway Fiesta accompanied by music from equally glam Muna.

Moofa’s Spring/Summer ’15 collection was inspired by a close friend of the designer Yinka Fashola who predominantly wears black and white which was reflected in the 18-piece collection of mostly monochrome pieces from monochrome print suits and shorts to peek-a-boo black dresses and tailored jumsuits with a burst of colour in the form of vibrant red. The flattering and feminine designs are of course what Moofa has come to be known for.

Images: SubySinem / S Two Media

Spice TV Fiesta-4170 Spice TV Fiesta-4176 Spice TV Fiesta-4194 Spice TV Fiesta-4197 Spice TV Fiesta-4204 Spice TV Fiesta-4207 Spice TV Fiesta-4211 Spice TV Fiesta-4213 Spice TV Fiesta-4221 Spice TV Fiesta-4223 Spice TV Fiesta-4226 Spice TV Fiesta-4237 Spice TV Fiesta-4240 Spice TV Fiesta-4245 Spice TV Fiesta-4249 Spice TV Fiesta-4252 Spice TV Fiesta-4256     Spice TV Fiesta-4260Spice TV Fiesta-4265Spice TV Fiesta-4272Spice TV Fiesta-4288Spice TV Fiesta-4293

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