Spice TV Fiesta-4453Nigerian label Mi-Le presented their Spring/Summer ’15 collection ‘SET’ last Monday at Spice TV Runway Fiesta. Designer Ponmile Olawoye’s inspiration came from the concept of a mathematical set, which she sees as a group of different elements forming a complete whole, as well as the 60s styles which informed her design choices for this collection including swing and shift dresses. The flirty designs were complemented by vibrant jewel tones of blue, green and red. Just as well that the showcase was accompanied by the equally vibrant and flirty Nigerian singer Saeon.


Images: SubySinem / S Two Media

Spice TV Fiesta-4420 Spice TV Fiesta-4418


Spice TV Fiesta-4439 Spice TV Fiesta-4446 Spice TV Fiesta-4448 Spice TV Fiesta-4453 Spice TV Fiesta-4457 Spice TV Fiesta-4462 Spice TV Fiesta-4466 Spice TV Fiesta-4469 Spice TV Fiesta-4470 Spice TV Fiesta-4475 Spice TV Fiesta-4477 Spice TV Fiesta-4481 Spice TV Fiesta-4486

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