Spice TV Fiesta-4574At last Monday’s Spice TV Runway Fiesta, Nigerian designer Kola Kuddus brought us ‘The Afropolitan Collection’. Inspired by the urban African city life, the collection was urban rawness brought to life in fashion. Denim took centre stage but masterfully blended with traditonal wear, graphic patterns, playful patchworks and tie and dye as Femi and Oritshe entertained the audience.

Images: SubySinem / S Two Media

Spice TV Fiesta-4503 Spice TV Fiesta-4507 Spice TV Fiesta-4510 Spice TV Fiesta-4515 Spice TV Fiesta-4522 Spice TV Fiesta-4524 Spice TV Fiesta-4527 Spice TV Fiesta-4528 Spice TV Fiesta-4532 Spice TV Fiesta-4542 Spice TV Fiesta-4547 Spice TV Fiesta-4551 Spice TV Fiesta-4553 Spice TV Fiesta-4555 Spice TV Fiesta-4559 Spice TV Fiesta-4563 Spice TV Fiesta-4569 Spice TV Fiesta-4571

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