hema-kaul-41950s is a era we are beginning to see a clear revival of on the Autumn/Winter 2014 runways and Hema Kaul’s was no exception. Inspired by European haute couture and feminine glamour, the collection featured feminine silhouettes with modern practicality.

Full skirts, peplums, cinched in waists created a vintage feel reminiscent of an era when the hourglass silhouette was the celebrated norm. Equally feminine and delicate is the use of silk tafetta, French tulle, Indian embellishments, velvet, intricate leather detailing and of course, one of Kaul’s favourites, lace.

While A-line skirts and nipped in waists dominate, there is still some room for androgyny in the form of jumpsuits, but without ever compromising the feminine look.

Indian designer Hema Kaul travels the world over not only to watch her favourite designers at Fashion Weeks but also source materials and find new inspirations to inform her design direction. With this fab collection perfect for women who delight in their femininity, we can’t wait what Kaul’s next inspirations will lead to.

For more info on Hema Kaul, visit here.

Images by Oscar Scar via The Fashion Scout

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