Pistis is Luxury African fashion label headed by Sumaiya and Kabutey. Based in East Legon in Accra, Ghana, Pistis shows a collection that ranges from flowy wedding gowns to structured jump suits to even more wearable designs in delightful colours.

“Our brand aims at giving locally manufactured fabrics a new meaning. With five years of experience and a team of twenty employees, we are devoted to superiority and distinction in the fashion industry.

Our keen and business attitude to the industry has created strong relationships with both manufacturers and distributors throughout Accra, the capital city, and a fast growing one in the whole country, the West African coast, and Africa.”

See more images from the collection below:

Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-Pistis2 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-Pistis3 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-Pistis4 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-Pistis5 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-Pistis6 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-Pistis7 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-Pistis8 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-Pistis9 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-Pistis10 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-Pistis11 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-Pistis12 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-Pistis13 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-Pistis14 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-Pistis15 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-Pistis16 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-Pistis17

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