House of NWOCHA offers a selection of styles divided into two groups. One is casual wear for everyday, weekends and cocktails while the other is our couture line for dinners, awards and high-end events. These clothes are very elegant, sexy, practical and youthful.

“At House of NWOCHA we use a very solid style formula that satisfies the demands of a discerning clientele that knows how to choose its fashions takes advice from a respected source and never follows the crowd.

At House of NWOCHA we create beautiful garments, offering premium quality and all strictly made in Nigeria. Our designs are for women who know how to wear fashionable clothes without forgetting a sense of style.

Our designs are bold, daring, sexy, elegant, feminine and unique.”

See images from House of Nwocha’s runway presentation at Glitz Africa Fashion Week below:

Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Nwocha1 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Nwocha2 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Nwocha3 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Nwocha4 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Nwocha5 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Nwocha6 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Nwocha7 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Nwocha8 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Nwocha9 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Nwocha10 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Nwocha11 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Nwocha12 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Nwocha13 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Nwocha14 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Nwocha15 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Nwocha16 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Nwocha17 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Nwocha18

Photo credit: Paul Ukonu Photography

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