House of Eccentric Clothings PATRICK ASANTE is a talented Fashion Designer, who has designed for some Fabric Companies in Ghana, notable ones are ATL, GTP, ABC and for some Wax Companies in Ghana and Abroad. He has also Designed for pageants like Miss Ghana, Miss Malaika, Miss Africa Queen, and Face of the Universe.

House of Eccentric Clothing is your home of extraordinary couture. Here, your ideas of style come to life in variety and flavour. Our skilled team of tailors work hard to meet your fashion needs and always out live your expectations.

“At House of Eccentric, we have a sincere and obvious ardour for what we do. We like to know our clients, their fashion likes and distastes, their thoughts and general outlook on fashion. That way, we can only give you exactly what you want. We embrace every client with warmth and build your confidence in us, as we meet your orders with timely delivery. For this, our clients remain so loyal to us.”

House of Eccentric was set up in 2002 by the talented Patrick Poku Asante. House of eccentric has a great portfolio of clientele in Ghana and Africa. We create clothing for men, women and children while specialising in Women’s Couture, Bridal, Prom and Casual wear.

See images from the designers Glitz Africa Fashion Week 2013 collection below:

Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Eccentric Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Eccentric1 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Eccentric2 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Eccentric3 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Eccentric4 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Eccentric5 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Eccentric6 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Eccentric7 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Eccentric8 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Eccentric9 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Eccentric10

 Photo credit: Paul Ukonu Photography

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