Just some days to Valentine [February 14th] and ladies are still romantically dancing around their calendars as they count down to the big red and white love feast day. But not to worry guys, you don’t need to bite your fingers and roll your eyes towards this beautiful occasion, that’s why we at FAB are here to the rescue.

That’s where we come with ‘Out with the Old and In with a Remix’, spending less this valentine with a lot of romance. Here are some tips:

  • Out with a Rose, In with a bunch of flowers: A bunch of flowers speaks a lot. It’s pretty well packaged, and carries a lot of high dignity of elegance when presented or delivered to a lady. Now guys do not gather bunch of hideous flowers because the flowers you present always show the worth of a lady. So pick wisely and for a hint – Drop a love note. out in 6


  • Out with a teddy bear, In with lots of cute teddies on her bed: You could tell her friends or siblings to help you out with this surprise. That feeling when she sees lots of cute teddies well neatly and lovely arranged on her bed staring at her, she melts like sugar butter inside. Like 5, 7, or 10 will do (what were you thinking? – 2, come on its valentine). Select fluffy, adorable, cute teddies and when she bounces on her bed all she can feel and think of is – YOU.

out in 5


  • Out with the box of chocolate, In with the basket of chocolate: Make a hamper of chocolates. Select the best as you give your lady a sweet tooth this valentine. Her friends and family will surely want to be part of this chocolate tasting affair. Now that’s so sweet. out in 2






  • Out with the restaurant dinner, In with your cooking: It’s a great way to save money and keep the magic going. Cook a romantic meal for two and invite her over. Set the table perfectly, lit the candles, slow music on press play and serve her like she is your Queen.out in 4


  • Out with the clubbing, In with a passionate dance: If you were planning of taking your lady to the club this valentine, stop that thought there. It’s just wrong and unromantic; whether it’s a VIP section or VVIP, let’s switch the loud banging music to something sweet, soft and slow by turning your living room or home garden into a ballroom and dance away. (Please try not to step on her toes).

out in 3


  • Out with the Gadgets, In with the Jewelries: Put a hold to our friends at ‘i’ and embrace the jewelry shop. Its valentine; don’t forget, not her birthday. A precious jewel will make a different on her neck, wrist; especially her finger. Don’t forget diamonds are a girl’s best friend.out in 1


Make this valentine simple, sweet ad long lasting to always remember. Have a FABulous February 14th. Enjoy.

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