I remember last year some family&friends, and some twitter friends were bugging why I haven’t attempted going on the Big Brother Africa show(Who told them I hadn’t? Let’s leave that tale for another day). For now it’s all about the stargame!!! BIG BROTHER AFRICA 7(STARGAME).


After so many weeks of African tour finding the most entertaining people of 2012, these were the housemates who finally made it to the big stage.—> http://www.naijadeevas.com/2012/05/celebrities-officially-meet-big-brother.html

And whoever expected to see just random faces must have been disappointed as few days to the grand opening, seven celebrities from seven African countries were going to be on the show and in competition for the $300,000 Grand Prize(I should have gone right?) too.

The first week wasn’t what I expected. The housemates were already at each others neck already instead of the usual ‘bonding or trying to bond’.  Although Big Brother is proving to be fun for some of us viewers who like ACTION, the first was the general complaint from the housemates that there should be more fun things to do. Housemates feel like tasks are boring and that there should be more games and excitement(already?).

Trust was also an issue amongst a lot of them, obviously the I-dont-know-who-you-are factor and then they felt like they had to walk on eggshells. Nafe and a few of the others also pointed out that the fire task they were given was a fail, as people didn’t understand what to do and started doing their own thing.

And then the first fight(which didn’t end there) was between some celebrities – bad vibes between Barbz and Prezzo after he ‘called her names’.  As  Prezzo referred to Barbz as “Miss Mademoiselle” and “Tyra Banks” to which Barbz didn’t take kindly. The altercation between the two continued and Goldie tried calming Prezzo down. Then starmate Goldie threw her toys out of the cot and verbally attacked Zimbabwean Housemate Roki for what she termed “disrespect”(an emotional inrigued fight if I may say). Goldie flew out of the house like the proverbial bullet and fired off a verbal fist to the jaw. Between sobs, the Nigerian Housemate threatened to leave and go back home because Roki does not know how to talk to her.

Did the fights end? No, there was Esperanca who voluntarily opted to leave the Big Brother house for personal reasons. But her partner Seydou was able to calm her down to be strong for both of them to which she agreed with and decided to stay(drama and attention needs if I may say). Between the tasks, entertainment and mischief(which led to alcohol been banned for housemates til further notice), there were still some fights. Dalphin VS Hilda, Zainab VS Seydou(Round 1 – where Zainab and Seydou viciously went at each other. Zainab was preparing food, Seydou commented about the way she eats. He implied that she’s a barbarian because of eating with her hands. Zainab proceeded to defend herself, bragging about being a lady and a jet-setter. Insults flew as they both tried to explain why one was better than the other). And it went on and on, and just when the Housemates started to lose hope and both the Upville and Downville Housemates were disappointed as they started to believe that there was no party afterall, Big Bother presented them with the party and alcohol was made available.

As alcohol and excitement were in the atmosphere, Zainab and Mampi were busting moves(striptease) and then a FIGHT again. This night was epic for me.

From Zainab and Mampi stripping, to Zainab and Seydou fighting(again) leading to curses and swear words thrown at each other, to Prezzo dissecting Barbz in the Upville house. Prezzo came down hard on Barbz about her age just after midnight(I was entertained but angry about Prezzo’s arrogance). And Just when I thought the two had smoked the peace pipe, Prezzo mocked Barbz about not having a family or a career at 34 years old. He claimed that Barbz was in denial and had to be real with herself and leave the House to work on getting married and having kids before she turns 35(Wetin be ya own? say you get family no mean say everybody go be like you). Prezzo went on to brag about his wife and daughter and how Kenya was behind him all the way, which he claimed was not the case for Barbz, a South African(how you take know).  Barbz just sat there sarcastically cheering Prezzo on as he dissected her.

ALCOHOL  was banned again in the downhille house.

The morning after which was eviction day at the downhille house was no different as the Housemates were either still intoxicated in bed or arguing with one another over again. From Zainab and Seydou telling each other off and insulting each other about their mothers to Keagan and Edith as well as Luke engaging in their own drama, the early hours of Sunday morning turned extremely bitter in the downhille house. And after Goldie‘s continuous insistence that Prezzo has to apologize to Barbz for dissing her, he eventually swallowed his pride and did it. Barbz was in tears when she and Prezzo kissed and made up, hopefully for real this time. He said he didn’t mean all the hurtful things he said to Barbz claiming that if he could, he would buy her flowers and cards to prove just how much he was sincere.
“It doesn’t make me less of a man to apologize,” he said. The teary Barbz accepted his apology. “I wouldn’t go out of my way to annoy anyone.” she added that she was glad that he had made the first move and they hugged and soon her tears turned to laughter.

As alcohol was banned again in the downville house. Biggie said this decision would only be reviewed when Big Brother is satisfied that Housemates are treating each other with the necessary degree of respect.


I had expected no one to be evicted. I was too sure they will either be left in the downhille house or sent to the Upville house to create more excitement(as these celebrities seemed to be uptight). But unfortunately, I am not Big Brother and it is not my house, so I watch for what’s to come. .

After a week of endless speculation, the Housemates were finally put out of their misery tonight. The Princess of Zamunda, Teclar was unable to use her ‘royal powers’ to save herself from Eviction while Julio and the bubbly and pretty Hilda from Tanzania are also on the next plane home, after only a week in the game. Maneta and Teclar were the first to be told to leave the Big Brother House. Their fellow Housemates did not seem too gutted about the news and proclaimed “More food and alcohol for us”.(I thought it was Seydou who said that but apparently it was Keagan. Maneta simply made a dramatic beeline for the Eviction doors, telling Julio not to touch her, as he reached for a hug. The Zimbabwean Housemate obviously had no inkling she was about to upgrade to posh Upville. When her older sister Teclar was notified of the end of the road, she held back the tears welling in her eyes. After she had walked off the stage, Julio and Hilda were notified of their fate too.(MOST OF THESE TALES CULLED FROM SereNgeti’s REVIEWS).

THE VOTES: Apparently, here is how Africa voted this week (13 May 2012) where Hilda, Julio and Teclar were eliminated.

Angola: Julio
Botswana: Maneta
Ghana: Hilda
Kenya: Maneta
Liberia: Hilda
Malawi: Maneta
Namibia: Maneta
Nigeria: Hilda
South Africa: Maneta
Sierra Leone: Hilda
Tanzania: Hilda
Uganda: Hilda
Zambia: Maneta
Zimbabwe: Maneta
Rest of Africa: Maneta

Total: Hilda = 6; Julio = 1; Maneta = 8; Teclar = 0 (Total: 15 Votes)


After an emotional Live Eviction Show which saw three Housemates being booted out of StarGame, the Downvillers braced themselves for more drama. They did not have to wait too long. The gang huddled in front of the television in the lounge, waiting with bated breath for the results of the random Lottery Nomination.

Gasps could be heard as the Lottery balls popped out of the machine – revealing Sierra Leone and Liberia as the pairs up for possible Eviction this week.

Zainab and Dalphin from Sierra Leone did not give too much away by way of facial expression after hearing this news, neither did Liberia’s Luke and Yadel. The other Housemates obviously breathed a collective sigh of relief while also dancing, seeing as they have yet another week in the game. Or do they?

Who will survive the chop this week?

I’m having a great time watching these couples.




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