I have never been a sucker for love, but one thing I have learned from my parents is that there really exists a thing such as true love.

While in high school, Valentine’s Day was a day where all the students had this unending smile or should I say “smirk” on their faces. Days before the 14th of February, every student would be chatting about what gifts who and who would get, and girls seemed to be praying so hard for their crush to surprise them with a gift on Valentine’s Day.

Alas, whenever the day finally arrived, there were a lot of “ooohs” and “aaaahs”, but of course there were so many disappointed faces and hearts. Some girls would be seen running across their classrooms to meet up with their friends and saying “this is what Seun (or Ahmad or Obi) bought for me”, while the friends always responded with “oh my gosh, it’s so pretty. He loves you so much”.

Valentines-Day-Wallpaper-04But then, looking back today and remembering the numerous gifts I used to receive from strangers who never left their names on the cards, friends who did not want to be “just friends” and crushes who wanted to show how much they cared, I realize that Valentine’s Day is actually just a day of happiness, fun and of course, love.


The truth is, people have got love so twisted these days that girls are so desperate to have a  “VAL” and would do anything at all just to get a man to take them out that day and get them some expensive gift(s). However, the perfect Valentine’s Day gift I got last year was not for me per say, but for my mum from my dad. My incredibly busy dad woke up earlier than usual, fed my younger brother who is just eight months old, set the table for our breakfast, made sure we ate and left for school, sent mum’s breakfast tray to their bedroom with a note and then left for work.

Mum woke up and was more than surprised to have woken up that late, not knowing that dad had reset her alarm clock. He wanted her to know that he loved and supported her and knew and appreciated how hard she worked for us, and so decided to help her out that morning. She happily ate breakfast, walked round the house and saw that our rooms were neat and everything was in order. And then the note read, “I love you, and will continue to for the rest of our lives together. Happy Valentine’s Day B. Love, D”.


Just seeing all that love and joy in my mum’s eyes later that day showed me how valuable and special love could be. I have decided that no matter what, I would have this same love for some special guy someday. And while I wait for that time, I would spend each Valentine’s Day showing love to my friends and family, and making every minute of that day count (while having as much fun as possible).


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