There are sets of guys who are philosophical, traditional, principled sort of, they are different from the “ordinary man”, they obey the rules of the game and want to do everything right.

There are quite a lot of things these men all wish and want their partners or ladies to know, how they do their things, what they mean when they do some things, just so there are no misunderstandings or misconceptions.



They take commitment seriously

They take commitment seriously


It is not uncommon to see ladies tend to play the “Commitment role” in relationships; also ladies tend to always want their man or partner to show enormous commitment (quick). Generally, there is the believe that men are afraid of commitment, contrary to this believe, men may take longer to commit, but most times, while he seem to be taking longer, he wants to make sure he is good to go, be sure of what he really wants, he wants to be sure he is ready, he doesn’t want to rush into it, so you don’t get hurt, so everything works out fine.


They mean it when they say “I Love You”

They love for real too

Most ladies have the general believe that all men are players, they can’t be sincere or do not have the heart to love. On the contrary, there are men who love “SINCERELY”. A man who has known a lady, been with her over a long period walks up to her and tells her he loves her, first thing on many a lady’s mind is “fake, he just wants something”, most ladies have lost chances via this singular thoughts and its sorts.

There are men who will deceive, men seem to be rarely sincere when it comes to that, but amidst all of these, there are lots of men who will say “I love you” and sincerely mean it from their heart and they won’t say it until they are sure they mean it .


They want you to believe them

The want you to believe them


You know that feeling you get when you are saying the truth and no one believes you? Yes that awkward and heartbreaking feeling, he gets the same feeling when you doubts his truth(s), you will hurt if he doesn’t believe you, he feels the same way too when you do same. Even if he does not cry or weep and sniff, he has a heart too. When he knows you believe him, it means quite a lot to him.

They want you to know them

They want you to be able to speak for them

They are glad when you can to some extent predict them, when you know more about them than they ever told you (by that I don’t mean your sniffing around to know what girl is calling them or sending messages, what girl they talk to in the office or their relationship with their secretaries)

When you say things like “I knew you wouldn’t like it; my boyfriend/husband hates things like that” and you are actually correct, they are glad, even if they don’t say it, trust me in their hearts they are really happy. They want you to know what they like and don’t like, what they would tolerate and would not, they need you to understand them. They want you to be able speak for them.


They are good listeners

They are good listeners

What ever concerns you is very essential to him.

So you are talking to him and he is not constantly saying words like “ok”. “wow”, “yes”, to prove that he is listening, well that doesn’t necessarily mean he is not listening, at times, he probably wants to just listen quietly to get what you are saying clearly. He cares that much and wants to get you well even if it feels like he is looking away or not concentrating.


They mean they are sorry when they say they are

They mean it when they say “SORRY”

Did he wrong you? OK, now he is saying or has said he is sorry, take his word, he really is. The singular act of saying he is sorry means “you mean a lot to me, can’t let you go, forgive my flaws and stay with me”. I know the feeling of not been able to forgive immediately, but in your anger, do not let the issue drag for too long. Sometimes he says sorry just to make sure an argument ends.

They Love to share in what you do

they love to share in what you do

Does he want to know what you are up to or getting into and you think he is being nosy? Does he sometimes want you to join him while he works, or go to play lawn tennis, pool or golf? You think he wants sex too often? Well, all these helps to strengthen the bond you have, you are together often sharing activities, this gives room to feel closer to you.

They easily let go. (Forget)

They forgive faster

While you are still vexed over last week’s issue you guys had, he’s prolly forgotten. While women will have lingering memories of unpleasant experiences, your man is way past that and has moved on.

They Love to be appreciated

This is one secret men really wish ladies knew and it hurts. He frequently tells you “could any woman be more beautiful? Baby, you are beautiful”, “You looking good darling”, “can any meal taste better? I love this”. Have you ever told them anything as sweet as those? So he got you a pair of sandals that you don’t really like so you dump it or you give it out; that hurts. Men consider everything they do to or with you as something straight from the heart, so when he buys you even a pair of ear rings, he wants to see you wear them, and not see your girlfriend(s) rock them (especially when you have not rocked it).

Do you write? Sing or dance? Is there anything you do that he gives you huge credit for? Like “your performance was wonderful baby” or are you trying to learn something and even amidst your flaws he tells you “Honey you can do it”, he believes in you, he is proud of you and needs all those too because when he knows and you make him feel you believe in him, he believes you are proud of him then he is glad, confident, doesn’t have to worry about anything and ready to go achieve anything.

They like it when you initiate sex

Intimacy is a vital part of every relationship and sex happens to be an intimate act hence, it can’t be left out. More often he calls for it, initiates it, gets involve more. While he does all these, it feels like it is what he wants and you are just trying to please him or play along by responding. When he initiates or calls for it, it means he wants you, he wants to have you. If you ever initiate sex (at the right time), he feels ‘fly’ like he is on top of the world, he feels he is wanted and this time it does not feel like it is all about what he wants. It could bring about high level of satisfaction for you both, so don’t be shy when the libido knocks, and bear it in mind to be the “captain of the cruise”



They aren’t always up for sex

They aren’t always up for sex

It’s no secret that men love sex, but Surprisingly, men aren’t always up for sex, prolly from work stress and probably having a lot on his mind, come on! He is a man, responsibilities are bound. So when he says “not tonight hun” he doesn’t mean you now smell, or you have become less attractive, or e is not interested in you, he means “NOT THAT NIGHT”. So don’t go reading wrong meanings.

They like to please their partners

He will feel good if you are feeling good; your well being is his pleasure, so even while he is work-stressed, he his thinking of how to make you happy. You need something? Hello! You are a lady, device a sweet way to let him know. Whatever brings her comfy, he is willing to do. (so long it is right)

They respect their partners

He has feeling of deep admiration for her, lets her have her say, listens to her, puts her into consideration before doing anything, puts her first and makes it obvious, gives due regard to feelings and rights and avoids harming or hurting her. All is thinking is to make sure she is in no way brought to ridicule. And in any condition he might be in either vexed or offended, he tries to hold the regard high. Although how he goes about doing these things most times is unknown to the lady. It is important to know that “They want to be respected as well”. Men crave respect in an intimate relationship with a woman.


They don’t like to be taken for granted.

They hate being taken for granted

You know how special you want him to always make you feel? How much you want his respect, he wants same too. He needs you to regard him under any circumstances because in his heart he knows how much regard he is giving and will feel really hurt if regarded less.

They may stray if starved.

Men may stray if starved

When a man does not feel loved and appreciated in his relationship he could switch attention to where he can find satisfaction, he could be in sports, hanging out and drinking with pals, or gets really buried in his job, and at times he could cheat. However, a collective effort of both parties will help grow the relationship.

They have a heart

Men hold the reputation of been a stronger sex and are easily tagged to have ‘stony’ heart. But these men have hearts, stony, rocky or soft; it’s still a heart and can hurt. Yes they rarely weep in front of you, but they weep deeply inside when they are broken, so just because he is not crying doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel pains or hurts. One question, if your boyf or hubby happens to shed tears in front of you for a wrong you have done, how will you feel?


They want it to last

You nurse the fear of what might happen if the relationship withers or goes sour? Especially a long-term one where there is a lot to lose. You definitely want it to last, he is thinking same too; he wants it as much as you do, you have built something together and the thought of losing it pricks him. Women in a relationship are builders, your readiness, and enthusiasm to brace and fortify your relationship could boost the possibilities of your man wanting it too.


However, these men don’t get to tell the ladies all these, so they are secrets. Most times, they wait for the ladies to notice or just say and do most things indirectly. Why?

They hate to see you get hurt

He loves it when you are happy


When you are sad or hurt, they emotionally feel it more than you do, and when they wrong you they aren’t happy with themselves.  Telling most of this will prolly amount to so many wrongs you have done unnoticed, which may amount to making you feel bad, and that they do not want to see your sad mood or your tears. Moreover, telling you will result to your trying too hard to make up, and when you do that, they feel it’s you originally doing those things but the effect of what they have said, trust me; they appreciate it more when what you do is totally your idea.




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