Have you as a man ever stopped for a minute to think about your relationship and wonder if you’re an  annoying boyfriend? Do you do some really annoying things to your girlfriend and always stick out your tongue laugh it off? 

Boyfriends can be really caring and understanding sometimes, and on the other hand, they can be really annoying and stubborn. Here’s a list of eight stubborn traits that some boyfriends have that are really annoying but they get away with anyway.

1. When you get bored shopping!

A woman does understand that her guy can pick out what he’s going to wear in less than five minutes, but the man does not understand that his girlfriend takes way longer than that. So it is no surprise that when they go shopping together for more than a couple of hours, the guy gets fidgety and bored and just wants to go home to watch soccer highlights or grab a drink with his friends.
But listen to this guys, women don’t invite their boyfriends to shop with them so many times, so at least when they do, you should know that they really want your opinion on what to pick out or probably just want your company.

2. When you’re being a sexist.

Many men have gigantic egos, and women understand that. But then sometimes men have to swallow their pride and accept that their girlfriends can also be bosses. Take for instance, when your girlfriend gets a higher position at work, do you immediately think that it’s because her boss likes her or rather because she’s a strong, hardworking and beautiful woman? Also, when a woman tries to argue with her boyfriend and make a point, guys, guys…you don’t have to call  her a drama queen! That’s just you being a sexist. You don’t have to win every argument. Sometimes, just let go.
3.  When you’re indifferent or rude.

Men can be frustrating sometimes. When a woman asks her boyfriend, “how do I look?” and most of the time, he says “uhm nice, yeah… i mean you look errr ok…” or “you always ask this question, do you need me to answer again?!” without even looking at what his girlfriend is wearing even for a second! A lot of times, women just want to know how they look, even when it’s the same dress worn over and over again. After all, they dress up just to look good for their boyfriends. I personally do not think taking a few seconds out of your football game busy schedule to help your girlfriend out is too much to ask.



4. When you don’t take care of your girlfriend.

If you’re trying to nurse your girlfriend back to good health, endeavour to be nice and loving. Women dislike it when their boyfriends say they’ll hang out with them and become restless just after thirty minutes. If you’re spending time with your sick girlfriend, don’t keep watching TV or complain every time she tells you to help her get something or help her massage her arm or leg. Doing any of that hurts her and might even make her feel worse than before.

5. When you ask, but don’t listen.

Women don’t like it when their boyfriends don’t take them seriously or don’t think they are capable of giving them advice. What is worse is when their boyfriends ask for advice and then suddenly drift away or make up their own mind without considering what their girlfriends had to say. Guys are fond of going to their own friends for advice, so why then would you assume that your girlfriend is not capable of helping you solve your problem?

6. Comparing your girlfriend to someone else.

This is in fact one of the most annoying traits. A woman hates it when her boyfriend compares her to his ex or one of his friends. “My ex used to do this for me every time…”, “Gosh, my friend Liz understands me more than you do…”. You do know that kind of a conversation would eventually not end well. Try as much as possible not to compare your girlfriend with anyone, instead find better ways to tell her her faults and how you would love to see her do some certain things and act in some particular ways to suit you.

7. The angry boyfriend and his shortcomings.

In fact, girls dislike and find it very annoying when their boyfriends blame their shortcomings on them. They can pay little attention when she gives directions to a place and when he loses his way, he blames it on her. Sometimes a guy can even suffer a stomach ache and blame his girlfriend because she chose the restaurant…really guys??? If you’re blaming your girlfriend because you’re angry, I suggest you man up and take responsibility instead of blaming your girlfriend for her food choice.

8. Boyfriends who love to postpone chores.
Guys love to jump on the sofa, grab the remote control and get comfortable within minutes, and once that happens, it is almost impossible to drag him out, for whatever reason! So, when a girl gives her boyfriend any chore, he probably will never do it, after assuring her that her will. Guys should learn to participate in few chores around the house or at least clean up their “mess” in the living room.

However women, always try as much as possible to understand guys and also not do annoying things to them which you know they hate so much.


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