For the past few days we have been bringing you fabulous essays from winners and runner-ups of the Young & Cerebral Essay Competition. Having finished the “Between 15 And 26″ age band, we are moving on to the finalists who were in the “Between 27 and 35″ age band and they all wrote on ‘Reviving Our Education System’. To keep up with the essays, simple search for Young & Cerebral in our Search Bar or follow this link.

Young And Cerebral First Essay Competition (2)Otedola Rasheed Abiola is a 27 year old at the University of Ibadan. He is the 2nd runner up in the “27 to 35″ age category and he writes on the ills of the educational sector and how to revive the system.

Read his FAB essay below:


“There is no true success without succession” is an adage that hides its immense wisdom in a rhythmic syntax. Yet, it expresses the vital role of continuity as a yardstick for the assessment of achievement. For such continuity, the successor must grasp the fundamentals of the system he is being initiated into. The process of transmitting the requisite knowledge into the successor is education. This would invariable indicate that the purpose of education far surpasses conforming to a societal norm. Rather, it ultimately aims at sustaining the growth and development of the society from generation to generation.

Hence, breakdown in the educational system of a society would not only kill the intellectual resources of the society but inadvertently stall its development. Unfortunately, the despicable decline in the educational scheme of Nigeria has deteriorated to the extent of manifesting such effect. Beyond the claim that Nigerian graduates are unemployable, the dearth of intellectual prowess in the nation is already made apparent by poor innovation, waning research and development, failing nation building, incessant economic crisis and lamentable illiteracy rate.

These ills are not only inflicted in the educational sector by government’s apathetic predisposition to education. They are equally aggravated by the teacher’s waning commitment, lecturer’s incessant strike action, adoption of obsolete curriculum, inadequate synergy between the education and its objective, wide-spread corruption and insufficient funding. Educational policies are also constantly battered without respect for its implication on the students going through the system. This debasement is inevitable with continuous change in government over the years.

At this juncture, it is imperative to posit practical suggestions that can revitalize our comatose educational system if Nigeria is to claim her true superior position among the comity of African nations. Nation building through active and innovative educational system would indicate a remarkable mass education. This is achievable by tailoring the education towards these objectives rather than being indifferent regarding the outcome of education. Invariably, the syllabus must be critically reviewed to identify the potential of every student and nurture it especially to its peak through impeccable guidance and counselling.

The shift in the interest of the youths must also be understood and harnessed towards improving the educational system. The disinterest of students to the methods of education must be address in the most dynamic way. Audio-visual technologies are rapidly replacing the text-books. The students would rather see a movie for six hours than pass through two hours of boring lecture. The teachers must therefore become more innovative in their methods and adoption of study materials. They may introduce teaching with audio-visual slides, videos and audio files. Aside from stimulating the interest of the students, they could access these anytime on their electronic gadgets.

Most importantly, every stake-holder in the educational system must be acquainted with the objectives of education, stimulated towards these objectives and continuously assessed. This may necessitate the introduction of an independent agency which is free of political influences to monitor the trend and modify it as appropriate. Utmost patriotism is the key to inspire the much desired education system overhaul.


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