Flytime TV spotted different celebrities to respond to her “Word of the Day” quest and guess who they cornered? eLDee, MoCheddah, Ajebutter 22, Bryan Okwara, Black Magic, Yaw, Asake Oge and more.

The question that was thrown at them; guess? Define  “Obscurity”. We definitely had varying responses from the stars as to what they viewed the word to be.

Watch the hilarious video
Play to watch what each one said; you’re sure to have the best laugh on this one, trust me. You’d hear stuttering in between words and things like, “I don’t know”.

See it yourself lest I take the fun out of it.


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  1. Chika fan

    Adams fall my hand! Chai! Jesus is Lord! And the guy saying its related to obscurity is too damn funny!


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