misty_copeland2011-bigWhat does it take to be the first black female soloist for the American Ballet Theatre (ABT) in over 20 years? You can find out now thanks to the  an interview with Net-A-Porter’s digital publication The Edit with 30-year-old ballerina misty Copeland who opens up about opened up about her rise from taking ballet classes at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to taking the dance world by storm.

“I have worked my way from the bottom to soloist – my goal is to set a positive example for minority dancers; to make it easier for them in years to come,” Copeland told The Edit.

Despite being at the top, she is frustrated with stereotypes about ballet. “It’s getting the idea into people’s heads that ballerinas can have brown skin that is frustrating. There are so many stereotypes,” she says.

Why not read Copeland’s full interview over at The Edit and in the meantime check out these amazing images.

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