Not just for the religious community, turbans have made a come back in a big way over the past few years and it’s not at all surprising. With endorsements from both Vogue and Teen Vogue and being celebrity stylist June Ambrose’s go-to head cover up, there’s not reason why we can’t all have a go.


Take a look at these stunning turban pictures that popped up on tumblr this week:

Sources: adrienneraquel, glitznglamiam, Why Not Models, ramonasbleepingblog

Want to join in? Here’s a for step guide from Vogue intern Lara Piras:

1) Double the scarf in a triangle shape.

2) Flip your head forward and throw your hair over.

3) Position the scarf overhead with ends forward. Tie one knot with the ends coming together underneath the hair at your forehead, leaving the triangle top free. Then, pull the hair forward and through and fold the rest of the scarf over the loose hair.

4) Tuck in the free part of the scarf into the first knot. Pull all the hair and scarf ends atop your head and finish by knotting the two leftover ends at the crown.

On the catwalk:

Source: HelloPuppy2011

Bright coloured and loose materials dominated the catwalk from Michelle Obama’s favourite Jason Wu to Giorgio Armani. This shows how versatile this trend really is, team it with a suit, a maxi dress or even swimwear as this head wrap is practical but oh so stylish. You can use absolutely any material so if your feeling shy and retiring go for something plain, but once in while you can mix it up with a traditional African print.

Styling Ideas: 

1. Turban? What turban?

Go for a  bright skirt, printed blouse and plain coloured headscarf, that way, if you’re trying out the turban for the first time, your bold outfit will take all the attention away from it.

2. Go boldly where no woman has even gone before!

For the more experienced turban wearer, go for an eye catching two piece suit, killer heels and large geek chic glasses. All together this look screams “I’m bang on trend and I’m not afraid to show it!”

3. Smooth operator

Going to work in a turban could mean you have time to have a much bigger breakfast! Make like Kourtney Kardashian and cover the front of your hair (greasy roots anyone?) while keeping your flowing locks showing. By teaming her turban with a chic shirt and a pair of loose, high waisted trousers, Kourtney ensures she is able to walk into any boardroom and make a statement.

So, now there’s never an excuse for a bad hair day!

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