You have all heard about Davidos Skelewu video and possibly the unofficial one that went viral in the last couple of days. Davido has asked that you disregard that unofficial leak and get ready to be wowed by the new video produced by Mr Moe Musa and shot in London.

The new video has tonnes of dancers on a littered London Street and from the images below, you can almost tell that Michael Jacksons music video for ‘Thriller’ is one of the themes that inspired the shoot. We personally cannot wait for this to drop!


Skelewu-3 Skelewu-12 Skelewu-21 Skelewu-23 Skelewu-36 Skelewu-41 Skelewu-78 Skelewu-81 Skelewu-105 Skelewu-110 Skelewu-112 Skelewu-113 Skelewu-125 Skelewu-7 Skelewu-24 Skelewu-25 Skelewu-35 Skelewu-39 (1) Skelewu-79 Skelewu-95 Skelewu-100 Skelewu-122



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