Today I’m taking Nicki Minaj to style court. She’s never been one to dress conservatively and her sex appeal is a huge part of her look, but some people think she takes it way too far. These days she rivals Lady Gaga in the crazy costume stakes and she really goes about dressing herself as if she were creating a piece of artwork, and arguable she does pull it off.

She was spotted in London rocking a Boy London crop top, which is the brand Rihanna always wears when she comes to London, she also wore a pair of £45  Cyberdog Pink Power Sculpture Leggings and a pair of outlandish Demonia Techno 850UV Cyber Platform Boots.






I personally love the outfit, from the cap to her knees. And no further. It’s difficult to always have something new to offer the public and with eyes constantly on Nicki and everyone trying to copy her style, I see why she has to push the envelope that little inch further.

Let’s find out what the public thought:

@CoCoMaiPhillips : “two words, very sh*t”

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  1. Michelle Spice

    Nicki Minaj do have fashion appeal creativity and style! Her styles suites her and she carries them well…

    She is an artist and that is apart of her creative process which leads to her outer look….

    When Grace Jones was on the scene back in the day, many pleople thought she was wired but she was expressing herself and her creative energies in many talented venues; whether on a movie screen, fashion shoot, singing etc., I loved her and still does… She’s aged so beautifully always with that strong personality she has and carries – only Grace. Gaga took from artist such as Grace Jones and now Nicki Minaj has a point of reference to measure from because they are both Afrikcan women…

    Continue do with you do Nicki, your style is innovative and creative and they all suit you. Always stay on the edege and force people to think because this is what an artist is suppose to do opening up this critical thought process.

    Thank you for giving and continuing to share with our youth a vision and an outlet.. I think you are fabulous, keep on keeping on…


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