FAB or Drab? Style Court: Lauryn Hill

Today I’m taking Lauryn Hill to style court. She performed at L’Olympia music hall in Paris earlier this week, wearing an eclectic leather jacket, a sheer black skirt with a citrus collar shirt on top, a hot-pink belt, lace tights and red Melody Ehsani earrings, all coupled with a FAB favourite, a understated black turban.





I think only someone like Lauryn could pull off this look which has so much going on, but really seems to express the simple raw beauty of her personality. Let’s find out what the public thought:

@JenElectro : top half she’s killing BUT the lower half offends me.

What do you think of Lauryn Hill’s comeback look?



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2 Responses to FAB or Drab? Style Court: Lauryn Hill

  1. Michelle Spice says:

    This is my girl! Always an eclectic dresser, always love her style… Never skanky always representing the real beauty of the Afrikan women…

    Love her…

  2. Abegi says:

    My crush for Lauryn remains intact! I love her much!

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