Phenomenal rap god, Kanye West popularly known as ‘Yeezy’ is holding onto a secret envy over the speeding success rate of Beyonce’s new album, Beyonce. Everyone knows Kanye is very blunt about his views judging from his record of controversial behaviour like in 2009 at the MTV Music Video Awards, ranting to the crowd that Beyonce deserved the award for the Best Female Video instead of the singer,Taylor swift and his opinion about his fiance’s style, Kim Kardashian better than the style of the First Lady of America, Michelle Obama.


Kim and Kanye West

The Fierce musician, Beyonce shocked the social media in December when she quietly released a 14 audio tracks and 17 videos for her album, Beyonce trending with extreme iTunes downloads in a week and the sales of over 1.5 million copies in a month after the release.


Beyonce performing on stage

Kanye on the flip side, has less than a million copies of his critically acclaimed album, Yeezus. Radaronline’s insider reports that Kanye is ,’feeling really defeated  over Beyonce’s album doing so well’ the rap star is reported to have thought up the idea but his team disapproved the idea. ‘He wanted to do a visual album for his album, My Dark Twisted Fantassy, but everyone around him convinced him it wouldnt work, thats why he ended up doing one long movie to go with it (the 35-minute short film Runaway). He is kind of annoyed, but he doesnt want to talk about how he came up with the idea first, because of how he got slammed for saying he invented leather jogging pants a few years ago. plus he needs to stay on good terms with Jay Z.


Kanye and his longtime friend Jay Z

Kanye West, knows better than to accuse Beyonce, married to his longtime friend, Jay Z of stealing his idea. Yeezy is reported to be working on strategies to outshine the Queen B’s new album like a huge free concert or album to stay in the headlines and fiance, Kim is solely behind him inspiring  him to come up with a big plan.

Big plan?? do our FAB viewers sniff the jealousy?



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