Why do you stalk her Facebook wall and BlackBerry messages for incriminating evidences?

Why do you go through his phone to know if he is been exchanging text messages with some girl lately and eaves drop on his calls?

Why do you start up a roll with her every time she talks to some other guy that is not you?

Why do you accuse him of flirting with every girl he’s spoken to?


I don’t know what your answers to the above questions are; I don’t know if you answered them, I do not know if you even do those things, but if you do, then you need to watch it, because you might just be on the threshold of losing who might just be your best friend to envy and resentfulness.

The root cause of these can be traced to JEALOUSY; that thing that happens when you get suspicious or resentful of a perceived sexual rival or, when one is fiercely protective of a partner, this arises as a result of not been confident or assured, now you are totally INSECURE.


So, you don’t think you are the only one she has, messages, or chat with, you don’t like it when she’s chatting with, speaking to or exchanging text messages with another guy? Then I have one question for you;

Is she the only girl you speak to, text and chat with?

Is she the only one you chat with?

I guess your answer was ‘NO’ so why do you fume, rage and boil when you see her speak to another guy?

And you lady, readily prepared to hit that lady hard in the face just for taking a glance at your man or ‘have it off’ and ‘play HAVOC’ with another lady’s face just because your man talks to her at the counter in the super mart, or eaves drop on his calls, I have just one word for you “EASY”; take it easy.


It is highly impossible to avoid interaction with the opposite sex in this day and age, so we all need see to the fact that our partners will come in contact with members of the opposite sex, probably in the office, run into some guy or girl in the bus or train, or some random person he or she runs into, most of which might just be on the friendly platform or platonic level.

For jealousy to grow strong and overcome a person, you must have added extra effort to aid it instead of fight it, it is natural to feel insecure at times but when you are frequently having trust issues in your relationship and you realize there is hardly a reason for that, you just might want to watch it; most times it is not your partners fault or their character, it is the mammoth level of insecurity in you.

Yes, I know that ‘ill-at-ease’ and daunting kind of feeling one sometimes get when we see our partners in company of person(s) of the opposite sex, we get so very uncomfortable, but it is important to note, even in that state that you are feeling that way because the person in question is YOUR girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse, so if feel apprehensive or uneasy, probably because for some reasons you feel the other person is better than you in a way, do not start ‘having it off’ with him/her for those reasons, instead continue to treat your partner right, make them happy, be a greater company than ever as doing otherwise will make them sad and vulnerable and that means shoving them into the hands of another person whose company they run into each time you make them sad, and gradually, they are finding a better you in this ‘new company’;  For the guys, believe you me ladies needs and like that person that takes their worries off.

So, another man gets her attention, do not give him the chance to have more of it by fighting her

And the ladies, please stay off those imaginary situations you make up in your head, erase those thoughts you nurse when you see your man talk to that girl across your street whom you feel is prettier than you are, do not go dashing your palms and shoes across his colleague from the office just because you saw or heard they have had lunch together twice. It does not help to build a happy relationship, and just if you do not know; a man will stay with a lady or girl in whose company he has rest of mind and not in the company of some crazy-pesky and irksome lady.

He really does not like it when you nag

Everyone gets a pang of jealousy at times but so long it is not vast or never-ending, jealousy is normal; just don’t let it take a better part of you. So you are vexed because some dude checked out your girl, well I tell you something, he’s checked her out because she’s not a ‘plain Jane’ so feel lucky because that sexy lady he’s just eyed up is YOUR girl and is probably going home with you that night, more over you steal gazes at some ladies too, even sometimes while holding or walking with your girl, don’t you? Jealousy occurs when you nurse this huge fear of losing to your partner to someone else, but if you are constantly jealous am afraid your greatest fear might just catch up with you.

Every relationship as its headaches at times; but as trust is the base of every relationship, even while the headaches arise it is important to stay clear and sure about your partner and keep your envy out of it. Incessant jealousy draws relationships to their end. If you are showing your partner all the love, treating the right and making them happy, they will hardly have a reason or reasons to cheat and probably won’t. So start now and make your relationship a better one, nothing kills relationships faster than distrust.

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