The news of a baby boy born with a Quran (Islam’s holy book) in his hand, in a white garment church quickly spread like wild fire on Tuesday, and since then it has caused nothing but controversies from all angles as it has generated into a religious altercation in both the cyberspace and reality owing to the fact that the baby was born in a church.

Medically, we all know this is not possible but let us, for the sake of argument, explore its spiritual possibilities. The baby was given birth to in a white garment church as was reported, I personally don’t know the type of white garment church it was but I would like to point out that a few people that have the knowledge of the operations some of these white garment churches know that it’s not only Christianity that is being practiced there.

Some of these white garment churches do indulge in Hisab; which is the use of diabolical means for consultations and this involves the use of evil spirits in some cases. Hisab is an Arabic word which has connections to Islam. There are other diabolical means by which these churches perform spiritual consultations but I won’t go into that.

So in a way we cannot say this particular white garment church is practicing one hundred percent Christianity. From this junction there’s likelihood that this Quran was implanted there metaphysically or it could be just a strange phenomenon which might have been caused by the ‘spirits’ in the environment for whatsoever reason.

There is the possibility of the church making up such a story for financial gain because anything is possible in our present society due to the harsh economic conditions. There are many sides to the story but I consider this story partially false although I have to admit, there have been other cases of a baby born with a Quran or with Arabic inscriptions written on the body in other countries but all lack valid proof.


Baby born in Dagestan, south Russia, with Arabic markings on skin a few years ago


A close-up of the writings


If this strange phenomenon is actually true, what is the significance of such happening owing to the fact that the baby was given birth to in a church and the baby’s mother being a Christian? There is more to this story than meets the eye. . .



Written by: Moyosore Hicks.

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42 Responses

  1. anifowose eniola

    Why is it that almighty Allah shows people the truth in order not to end up their life in jahannam but some stoneminded people will stil turn their deaf ear and try 2 convince the rest? Well the truth have been revealed 2 you for your own benefit.

    • Ami

      This is pure deception from the pit of hell. D devil has come up wit so many devices to decieve people. If he likes let him go to d sky & write someting. D bible has made it clear dat all dis deception wil hapen on d last days wich am not ignorant of. Devil can go to any lenght 2 promote his works. But d fact stil remains dat jesus is d only way to heaven anyother way is fake.

  2. Truth as come

    Though it has happend in some other countries but there is no valid proof ! The message hath come it is left for u to either accept it or throw the message and the messanger into the dustbin. No matter how long u spent on this earth, always remember there is the one u spend there after which is not quantifiable think before its too late.

  3. Amichosen

    This is pure Deception from d pit of hell. I wonder wat devil cannot do 2 promote his way.there are a lot of demonic signs dis days aimed to decieve people from d truth. Its only a true chrirtian dat wil understand wat am sayin cos d bible talks abt dis as the deception of d last u beliv it or not jesus is d only way to Heaven.all otherway is counterfeit.

  4. Kudirat

    Dis is revileation 4rm Allah, dat we shud all blv in him cos Allah said in d noble quran dat know religious wil b eccepted on d day of judgement eccept islam.

  5. mohammad sani

    This is clearly a Revelation from the Almighty ALLAH The incident happened in d chuch n the mother of d baby is Christin n stil some people called it a deception when are u goint to understnt d trth.

  6. Crucifixo

    Really supernatural things when they happen like this misconceptions preoccupies our mind,no doubt this incidence may or may not be true.but the fack is evry revelation is worth pondering about..that is to say where do yiu stand?

  7. Wale

    No amount of miracles will make dem blieve.(christians and jews).wat i no is dat d devil do not av powers ova Allah.if u like acept it or ignore it.A bon entendeur salut!

  8. ayo

    Moses put a veil over his face to cover the glory of GOD that reflects from him, the people of Isreal could not look upon him and listen when he speaks to them, they crusified Christ because Christ was open about it and they couldn’t stand it so they crusified him, dis is another veil upon d truth…the devil always try to copy GOD to create confusion,the same deception he employed in d beginnings is still being used. Even freemason and illuminati believe they can get to GOD without Christ…D devil is throwin stones of confusion into the house of GOD, I can see clearly,I am not decieved by this canal things. Look into the spiritual realm and u ‘ll know the truth…call the name of Christ in the midst of false powers nd see if dey ll find it funny! Christianity and Bible has been and completed way before the d misunderstanding that brought bout islam, when d news about babies born with inscription of Jesus is coming soon was revealed, ya’l kept quiet and now d Devil has has copied GOD to bring in the spirit of confusion! Since the Quran is similar to the Old testament, that is copied from the Bible and intentionally OMITTED the true plan of GOD for man, the new testament! Look into Rev 22:18 for those that practise the act of ommision and addition unto the Bible to suit themselves …and more so GOD said Christ is HIS Beloved son in whom HE is well pleased,that whosoever believe in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life, if U don’t believe this,then you call GOD a liar… It has been Christ seat at the Right HAND OF GOD,THE RIGHT SIDE OF POWER! The devil has been known for conspiracy, dsame conspiracy that got it sent out of highness to d lowest places of all lows,it even conspired against man to spite GOD,from the garden til this day! Christianity is it hated religion because thru it,it lost everything! No wonder it throws confusion amidst the Love of GOD(christians). I know deeply in your minds,you know Christ is the only way to FATHER, you all just trying to convince and mislead more brethrens cause that’s what u were taught. Those who died and came back only give testimony of Christ and HIS flock on the right side of the ALMIGHTY FATHER…just sad that u bury ur brethren too soon to know the truth. May GOD bless us all, amen.

  9. Aminu sambo

    All we need to do is think and ask ourselves properly how Allah allows d time to come for every human slaves whether a muslim or christian sees miracles of baby born with quran in christians’ church. That’s how Allah tests us whether to accept His proof or not. No wonder, muslims accepts it most. Signs of Allah a perfect truth as it happens during time prophets. I seek Allah’s more signs come so that unbelievers to accept oneness of Allah easily. Allahu Akbar!!!

  10. Hajia mariam

    Glory b 2 almighty allah, wen l heard d story,l shouted d name of allah dat d god l served is great,dont doubt dere is no god except almighty allah,he can do & undo.

    • sulyat

      Do u mean that islam is d only religion God would accept at the end time

      • Bilikis

        Yes of course. Hv u ever sen any sign signify that jesus is lord or he is the son of God or seeing that muhammed is god.

  11. Ahmad

    dear writer, although i’m a muslim, i try not to be biased when religious issues are discussed, the truth is all the reasons you gave for why the phenomenom could be fake is legit, my concern with the way people are condemning the situation albeit foolishly is what i’ll bring to your notice.if you want proof that its possible, then lets question the birth of jesus, his miracles-raising the dead amongst others, lets question the preservation of pharaoh of moses now lying in one museum or the creation of adam or eve or the creation and evolution of the world itself or the way a child grows from just sperm and egg or how fishes fall from the sky when rain falls.theres definitely no compulsion in religion but the truth is the eyes and mind choose what they want to see or believe in. there are endless proofs but like i said its easy to believe a lie that have been told severally than a truth you have no idea about. there are lot of things science have no idea about. do you know the theory of evolution by charles darwin have been refuted? if men can make planes and rockets, tv that captures and transmits images acrosss miles as well as phone, internet, mri and ct scan machines dont let us question God moreover i always ask one simple questions. why do christain find it difficult to open the quran and see that its message can only be that of God

  12. moshood

    This is just one out of the numerous signs of Allah. Allahu Akbar(Allah is great). My advice to everyone is to accept Islam n be saved. It is never too late. The only religion acceptable to Allah. Despite all the signs, those who would not believe would still not. For those who believe(Muslims), I congratulate you. We are already on the right path.

  13. Ibrahim

    (Response to non-blivrs coment about the child born with a quran in his hand)….! My smpl say s tht those pple makn negativ comnt abt ths child s tht they r unblivas…nd they ll neva run any comnt tht s more thn wht they hv jst did…the only thn ll advice them s tht they shuld endevr to visit D victm consynd nd intrview thm to thr convincng knwlgd of undrstndn…nd mayb thy ll b abl to pss jdgmnt to thr comnt…i knw it 4rm tym in memorial prll line s the line btw chrxn nd muslim evn if almghty AllAH dcnd 4rm hevn in favrs of islm…any chrxn family ll nvr subscrb to blvn such…but AllAH knws bst…nd HE s the gr8st..

  14. jamil

    Ofcuz Islam is d only… We all knw Xtianity is created by some individuals 4 their interest. When did xtianity came 2 knw? Hw many yrs after d phophet is gone? Y editing it? Dis jesus cal him slf God or Son? Answer it ur self.

    • Anonymous

      Peter replied, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” [17] And Jesus
      answered him, “Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jona! For flesh and blood has not
      revealed this to you, but my Father who is in heaven. [18] And I tell you, you
      are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the powers of death
      shall not prevail against it.

  15. abdul

    upon all dis signs, u still bring up ur counter story about some fukin diabolical powers metaphysical shit…no wonder d quran sayz ” we will bring signs to dem, but dey have eyes but can not see, dey have ears but can not ear’….dats y i say dey have brains but can not think.

  16. Yusuf

    There is no other GOD exept ALLAH & pht muhammed the messenger to the world, so Islam is the only way

  17. Olamide Oni

    I appreciate everyone’s response to the article but this was not meant to evoke a religious argument, it was merely a way of bringing the story to everyone’s attention and to question whether or not the phenomenom truly occured. This is not the first time lies have been spread to promote religion, but when it comes to our faith, how much can we truly believe?
    I’m all for everyone having the right to choose their own faith without being judged, so kindly refrain from religion-bashing.
    Thanks once again for taking the time out to check out the article. And we always love to hear from you.

  18. Yusuf glad we a xperiencn dis in our generation.but d truth will soon manifest.and we will all see that jesus is lord.

  19. Waliyullah

    Let’s assume this great child came along with a bible in his hand, u wont open this blog nd post rubbish about the innocent soul. May Allah never forgive u unless u repent…u christians know the truth but u won’t concur…all because of the money u gain from the church. I weep for u for the day of judgement is already at hand, the day when ingrates like u will have nobody to plead on ur behalf…i’ve got nothin to say again because u wont change,.

    • Ify melu

      How many christians bomb mosques maim and kill,we should be telling u about judgement day,anyway it is only a matter of time and u will know that Jesus Christ is d only true God

      • Ashafa Musliu A.

        How many Muslims engaged in gay/lesbianism and naked wedding? Have u ever seen Mousque of Satan like u see Church of Satan in U.S.A. every religion as its own defiant. Those who kill others are defiant in Islam, they will never go unpunished, their punishment can never be added to that of d innocent pple. Jesus can not be God and still look up to God for assistance. EELI ELI LIMOO SABAKTANI. Oh God why did u forsake me? pronounced my Jesus. Jesus did not even heard d voice of God. The only Prohey that heard d voice of God is Prohet Musa (Moses), others just received revelations through dreams and Angel Jubril (Gabrel)

    • Ingrid

      So Christians gain money from the church ? I have never gained any money till now.Can you tell me where i can get this ?

  20. kemi

    moyo i kan bet [email protected] u r nt 100% religious,ask ursef b sincere do u rwelli take god as some1 too impotantt dip down ur hat?i bliv d story i av ntn against xtianss buh i jus 8 it ow u kip tryn 2 negate islam proof,i bliv d story is tru n islam is d ryt choic ,if it ws a bible all u wld kip sayn is jesus is lord

  21. Toheeb

    I have known that u christain will see d true and u will not want 2 say true because of the money u gain from d church what of if the baby was born by muslim.have u ever seen or heard that a muslim woman gave birth 2 a baby with a bible in his or her hand?

    • mohammed bingle

      well thats very interesting…
      its always non muslim born kids that come with such miracles…therefore its the same non muslims who spread the stories for us muslims to read n consolidate our faith in d oneness of God …however muslims believe in Allah(God) even if these miracles don’t surface…cos there r several billions of signs of d Creator…may Allah guide us all.

  22. Ashafa Musliu A.

    Thank for all ur efforts in this direction.
    Whether the story is true or false. The truth remains open to God. But let it be clear to you That Islam is not using this as a means of religious publicity. The Message of Islam is concluded and perfected, nothing is left for anybody to add. Although it is in d Quran that Allah’s signs will continue to manifest from anywhere. Islam is not a religion where somebody will look up and make proclamation which is contrary to Holy Quran and d practice of prophet Muhammed. The message of Islame has come to stay, no body could change it, whether there is such a sign or not.

  23. BenDoughlas

    Am sure u guys knw christainity did not jst start 2day so be it muslim or christain i stil bliv God is God. We are 1, just serve God{JEHOVAH} in spirit and in truth am not against any religion cos i bliv it’s a Sin 2 do dat

  24. Emmanuel

    People,let us try to make things right and keep peace within ourselves either a christian or a muslim we are one.Now what i am about to put down here is the truth but no wrong intentions anyway.Well i don’t believe this things that babies are given birth with qurans because god do not do his things like that but i am sure that this exact one is not true let’s look at it the quran on the baby’s hand is not complete that means itis not from god but i dont know where it came from.secondly,the baby was given birth in a white garment chuch.Well i attend a white garment church(celestial church of christ)and they are true christians they worship with there true heart.Now for the baby to be given birth in a white garment church white a quran is a lie because somebody might have put it in the baby’s hand.Well i will advise the policemen to investigate this matter very well.And abusing a white garment church is a sin.

    • Aisha

      I dnt tink doubting God is d best!!! God is great!God is great!God is great! U believe it or not,God’s word can nva change & he wil continue 2 show us signs….& lead us thru d right path…..ameen

  25. Babangida Jabus

    Why not the spritualists or babalawos & d kufanchas also use their diabolical talents to produce or give birth to a child holding the bible too?How many versions of the bible do we have now?Every new year comes with a new version of the bible.This is a challenge to xtians as the Quran has never & cannot be changed or altered.We still single Quran uptil date.That a big challenge.

  26. Shakeel ahmed

    Ma dear christian fellow first of let me tl u ‘there is no god but allah’ n mauhammad (s.w.s.) is his massanger…n u ppl claim dat jesus ( may allah please with him) is the son of god bt let me tl u dat adam was also born without father n eve without mother if allah wishes he can do anything n 1 thing a a man can never b god k he is just a prophet of allah..n 4 miracles let me tl u other miracles jst search 4 y pharoah’s aka firon’s dead body was still found after 3000 years back in a sea whr he died n sank.. n dan luk 4 answer in the holy quran n it wl b remain like dis tl the day of judgement n allah wl preserve it no matter wt tl the day of judgement n as an example 4 bad ppl n his dead body wl remain without any damage cuz allah has written in quran n quran is the words of allah 2 its ppl n nt a single word wl change in quran cuz allah guaranteed it…. jst nw nasa’s scientists claimed dat the moon was broken into 2 parts smtimes back in history n dan u wl find the answer in quran cuz Prophet muhammad (s.w.s) teared it down 1400 years before to make ppl believe dat he is the prophet of jst stop talkin rubbish abt islam n stop those false websites which creates bad image of islam..wthr u believe it or nt i do…n i lv allah n his massanger…alhamdulillah. n 1 request 2 non muslims if u wanna know abt islam dan don’t search it on internet jst go 2 any masjid the imam wl tl u if nt dan try our books like the holy quran n hadith as they r available in every language bt if u wanna use the net 2 know abt islam dan go 2 sm official sites nt every site as sm bad ppl has written bad things abt islam.

  27. Freda

    U guys say words anyhow cos u don’t pay 4 it.talking about each odas religion,is it good?oh ye Muslim brothers,y do u criticize anothers religion,if u allah hears n answers u,y won’t u myn him n stop twisting ur u sit to ask urself,all des miracles that Jesus did,dat r Der wit proofs,cos seeing is believing,which did u profet Muhammad do?all u guys do is to shed blood.pls respect urself here.n 4 u xristians,r u doin wot Jesus said we shud do?y should you xchange words with dem.try n practice wot we preach n stop criticizing.let dem b.woteva dis bby was born wit is d bby n d parents biznez.all u av to do is to pray for dem dat is if u k.n stop dis religious won’t lead u any wia.enuf is enuf

  28. Neither Islam nor Christian

    All of these but cock and bull story. And even if it happened wot does it stand to gain or preach, that one religion is truer than another! I guess. What about if dere is no any religion on earth in the first instance? I beg enough of all dis bandashes dat is capable of throwing the country into crisis of religion

  29. Funmi

    D baby was born in an hospital nt church, u pple dnt make ur reaserch vry well but to write smtin wrong to make story sweet. Nonsense


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