All hell was let loose at the recently concluded Nigerian Idol audition in Enugu and the outrageous entertainer Charly Boy is at the center of it all.

According to eye witnesses, trouble started when the popular ‘Area Fada’ insisted that he bring his pet python ‘Abiku’ to the judges table.
This unusual request did not go down well with the organizers who tried to talk sense into Charly Boy to no avail. At this point, the smooth talking musician and Idol judge Jeffrey Daniel tried to wade into the matter by calming down his fellow judge.

The snake’s box suddenly flew open as the python raised his head charging at the cameras as the shocked crew took to their heels. It took the tender loving care of CB himself who chased after the enormous snake to calm it down. After a slow massage that took 10 minutes and tender words of love,
‘Abiku’ finally calmed down and went quietly into her box. Charly Boy
finally sat down at the judges table to carry out his duties as Nigerian
Idol judge.

The organisers of the competition have failed to comment on the issue.
However, we will continue to keep an eye on this show which appears to be

stock filled with drama, action and lots of music

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