Wizkid is an international superstar who always delivers when he’s on stage, and off stage is known for being very humble, this didn’t change when he came to surprise one of his biggest fans at her school . The sun was out, the air quite humid, we looked up at the school sign trying to figure out who was going to let us through the locked gate, funily enough a voice through a machine said “hi, push the door”, and we entered. we were greeted by the very friendly headmaster and deputy head who seemed very excited for the days event , before anything could really happen we were led into a room, where we patiently waited to be escorted upstairs.

The mood was very calm and quiet as we walked by the many classrooms, but to our surprise, we heard the wonderful sound of a music lesson taking place, of which the runner up Ester was taking part in also. The door opened and the eager and inquisitive eyes of all the kids were fixed on us almost as if to say ‘who are these people? What is going on?’. Dressed in their sky blue shirts and ties, the kids gave us a taste of their talent as they sang a melodic tune that seemed like it was composed by them.The ensemble was lead by Ester, showing she’s not only just a fan but a talented fan, as she harmonised and sang to the melody with great confidence.

The mood changed again in a blink of an eye, as Wizkid rolled in with his entourage and a smile on his face, camera’s everywhere like he had just come on the red carpet.

She was so taken aback by the crowd of people that she didn’t even realise that Wizkid was there, and when she did she screamed and practically ran to the other side of the room, covering her face in disbelief, she was excited and in shock. Once she had gathered herself together and calmed down a little, everything was explained to her.

Some of the other kids in the room looked bewildered by all the fuss, glancing at each other from time to time for some sort of clarification. Ester however being one of his biggest fans reveled in the moment, even when told she was just a runner up, but luckily for her Wizkid was so moved by her enthusiasm that he felt she deserved the surprise.Of course Ester couldn’t let Wizkid leave without a picture and the two proceeded to take pictures together.

Judging from her reaction when he walked in we all knew how happy she was, but it was even more clear when caught on film as she expressed her joy and excitement. The other kids got to get in on the action too and a group photo with Wizkid was taken.

We had expected that Wizkid  would be escorted out of the building quietly but little did we know we would meet a flood of kids, wondering why there were camera’s and cars around. In anticipation to know what was going on majority of the kids gathered outside around the cars, staring and trying to get a glance of the superstar Wizkid.

The whole event was very moving and just showed you how important it is to appreciate your fans and their support for you. As well as getting to witness the dream of a young girl come true, it’s truly little things like making an appearance at a school that count. This was something that generally wouldn’t happen on a normal day, but were happy it happened to her.


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