CTAis25 E-flyerZamunda comes to Stratford, London for one night only for ‘Coming  To  America’ extravaganza. 1988 was a great year for cultural phenomena.  Michael Jordan was            dominating basketball like no one had ever seen.  Michael Jackson was the biggest pop      star on the planet.   Both would end up transcending their respective genres.  On the 29th of June that year, a relatively well known  27 year old, Brooklyn  born  comedian called Edward Regan “Eddie” Murphy created a story about an African Prince flying to the USA to find his  bride.  The film would be a critical and commercial smash.

It’s a  film that  is still revered by many, even a quarter of a century later. To celebrate        the  25th anniversary of  the cinematic release of the film, Anthony and Teanne           Andrews, founders  of experiential events company ‘We Are Parable ‘ have joined            forces with Stratford Picturehouse  to organise a screening of  ‘Coming To America’.        The event will be made complete with African dancers and  drummers ready  to bring  Zamunda to Stratford on  Thursday 20th June at 7pm.

‘We absolutely loved this film when  we were growing up and feel that a whole generation    resonated with Murphy’s characters,’   Teanne  Andrews said.    ‘Even 25 years later,  a    whole new group of people are still discovering how ground breaking and funny it is.’

‘My first experience of this film was a badly dubbed version  on late night  TV, but the      world that Murphy created was so memorable’ Anthony Andrews added. ‘Even            peripheral characters could have had their own separate films . That’s how complete        his universe is’.

‘The  thing  is we were part of the generation who were too young to see Coming to        America in the cinema, so what better time to bring  it back to the cinema than on            it’s 25th anniversary?’

With specially  themed cocktails and a quiz that will test even the most ardent Soul Glo      fan,  this event is one not to miss.

For more information, pop them an email: [email protected] and follow them on twitter @weareparable.





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